Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle mixes the entertaining indoor action of video game playing with the physical activity the wonderful open air will provide you. Only because it is snowing, raining or otherwise stormy outside, that does not imply that your kid can not have the physical exercise she wants. Intended for children from 3 to 6, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle "physical learning arcade system" comprises a complete stationary bicycle, video game soothe, and educational instrument. Your kid will work out her mind and body -- and experience tons of pleasure in the action.

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle admits a game cartridge which includes a lot of playfulness and educational journey that will retain your kid merrily amused. A journey to "Math mount" in the Fisher Price Smart Cycle is going to assist her exercise her numbers, whereas an adventure-filled trek to "Shape Lake" is going to lead her into a broad display of another shapes. Furthermore, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle admits a stimulating a game of car racing too which can be played by two children together at the same time, whilst a "productive journal" allows your kid make snapshots and paintings of her global journeys.

The amusement does not have to terminate while your kid completes her exercise in playing the Fisher Price Smart Cycle: she could take a break and take a breather, and keep on the playfulness and studying through using the bicycle buttons and joy stick in order to find the way through several other journeys and games. The most beneficial totally, numerous alternative game cartridges which are able to be operated with the Fisher Price Smart Cycle (should be purchased separately) will retain your kid continually pleased, together with some other games which present favorite characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Hot Wheels cars, Dora the Explorer and Barbie.

• It offers an indoor physical exercise especially for young kids
• It is configured to develop with your kid intellectual and physical growth
• It assists build up your kid motor abilities
• It is easy to set up and operate
• It admits various entertaining and amusing educational games

• The directions to some of the games are hard to understand
. The handlebars of the cycle are not height adjustable

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Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage provides an exciting introduction to music for six months babies and up. With a large picture mirror framed by blinking lights and cartoon babies, babies and toddlers are able to play and interact with it, enjoy singing, dancing, moving and discovering themselves. There are two modes of interactive play to choose. In Mode 1, babies and toddlers can hear songs by activating one of four instruments, i.e. a drum, mini xylophone, trombone and guitar. In Mode 2, the toy encourages babies and toddlers to build a song or make their own composition and shake the magical microphone for musical sounds and a dazzling light show.

1. Babies and toddlers can learn more about cause and effect by pressing different buttons, and which button makes which sound.
2. The toy is safe to play since the wide legs prevent tipping even when babies and toddlers pull up on it to stand.
3. The toy comes with lyric cards so as babies and toddlers get older, they are able to learn to sing along with parents, too.
4. The toy also says several fun phrases, as well as the sound of cheering and applause, making babies and toddlers want to dance or sing along more and more.
5. The toy shuts off by itself. It has a volume control.

1. The mirror gets scratches easily even when being cleaned with paper towel and water.
2. The toy requires just a little bit of adult assembly, which is where we encountered our only problem: the legs need to be screwed on to the toy to allow it to stand, but the holes for the included screws were not sized properly. This made it difficult for us to manually tighten the screws satisfactorily. However, the toy was still able to stand sturdily for safe play.

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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy is so cute at very good size and it serves lots of learning fun as a cuddly play pal for 6 month babies to 3 years old. It combines two modes of play, learning mode and music games with 10 lovely songs.

Babies and toddlers can learn letters, colors and parts of the body in Learning Mode through 6 hot spots on the puppy through songs and fun phrases. In Game Mode, they can enjoy six additional songs which encourage interaction. Those songs are Bingo, Pat-a-Cake, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, This Old Man and This Little Piggy.

1. The sounds coming out differently when babies and toddlers push some parts of puppy bodies take their attentions. For example, after they push the nose, the puppy will say nose, red nose, achoo or got my nose. It is educational and fun.
2. The mode can be chosen easily by babies and toddlers simply by pressing the button on its foot. The other parts of the body, i.e. the other foot, an ear, both hands, nose and tummy play songs or sounds when pressed.
3. The volume is not very loud so even parents take it while babies and toddlers asleep, it will not wake them up easily.

It is very sensitive and it switches the sound or unfinished song when babies and toddlers grab the toy. It makes the babies surprised and disappointed. So that would be nicer to have such a delay feature of some kind which keep the song play till it finish.

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is designed to help encourage healthy development of babies who have the ability of holding their head up themselves but not yet walking or climbing out. Babies may experience an interactive play from any side since it can rotate 360 degrees and learn cause and effect as well. This stimulating interactive toy has a fun seat and toys at 5 locations on the platform hold babies while moving to any direction; an electronic musical toy at the front with lights to be activated by babies spinning a drum; and many animals and toys to explore. It promotes security and comfort too with soft spring covers which keep babies fingers safe from pinching, two soft leaves as an overhead canopy with plush toys which dangle down for fun and three-position height adjustment for a custom fit.


1. It has attractive colors with an interactive music making box which has volume controller.

2. It is portable and can stand on its own so that it can be set up anywhere.

3. It is safer than a jumper which hanging from the door and it takes up less room than another one with 4 support poles as the base.

4. It provides babies with fun activities and freedom of movement babies can choose either the view of the room or the toys they want to play, then enjoy and do themselves so that parents have more time to do something else.

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Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is fun, creative, inspiring and durable. It is designed with bright colors and made with rounded soft corners so that a baby can easily hold it safely. It provides babies, toddlers and kids chance to create original music from 5 different instruments, such as piano, flute, French horn, harp and violin; and simply play music from eight Mozart compositions by switching the buttons. It also keep toddlers occupied for quite long time learning the name of each instrument and know how they each sound both individually and in an orchestra. It is fun to watch the lights flash when the music plays. The best thing is that this toy wins award and gives perfect musical foundation for little ones.

1. It is durable though has been kicked, knocked out the car window, licked and dropped.
2. Although this toy needs batteries, they seem to last a very long time.

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Playskool: Busy Basics - Busy Ball Popper

One of Hasbro collection you might collect for your toddlers is Playskool Busy Basics - Busy Ball Popper which is fun, energetic, colorful and durable. It helps babies and toddlers from 9 months to 3 years learn cause and effect through putting the ball in one hole and it will come out the other.

1. It entertains toddlers. Toddlers can knock the balls around in this toy and they just watch the ball going around and around. Toddlers also like to push the plunger down themselves and repeat it again and again.
2. It keeps toddler busy, grabbing the balls when they popped up and put them back down through the chute.
3. The ball fountain is neat.

1. This toy needs batteries which drain so quick. It makes this toy expensive to use.
2. The balls are easy to loose unless parents keep taking the rolling balls again and again.
3. It is a little bit loud and the volume cannot be adjusted. To lessen that noise, you may put some scotch tape over a portion of the fan/motor opening and the speaker.
4. Some toddlers put other toys down into the holes resulting on they get stuck down there and needed to take out.
5. Some toys have the fan with not enough air flow to push the balls through the system. It needs parents forcing them through and picking the flying around balls then put them back.

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LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table provides a world of learning and musical fun for your children from six months to three years. This innovative toy is chock full of learning and musical activities designed to provide motor skill development, visual and auditory stimulation, as well as opportunities to learn about the alphabet, colors and opposites for older children -- and much more. This brightly colored and sturdy table is adjustable according to the needs of your toddlers. You simply need to attach the legs of the table while your toddlers stand. It offers a lot of activities in the Learning Mode and Music Mode, like playing the colored piano keys to practice motor skills and learn about colors, sliding the cello to learn about up and down, spinning the maraca to hear a fun rendition of the ABC song , moving the trombone's slide to count to 10, etc. By doing all the activities, your children will develop their problem-solving skills through lot of things to open, close, pull and push and exercise their memories.

1. It is fantastic to make toddlers busy with a variety of music, words, lights, and things to flip open and spin.
2. It is sturdy though it has got soaked in the rain.
3. It has two languages, English and Spanish.

Safety Precaution
Once toddlers start standing, walking and pulling it up, your assistance always be needed. Since the legs really are flimsy so it wasn't the best toy to help them doing so because it pushes across the floor as soon as you put weight onto it. However, you can put this toy against the wall.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends: Batman Bat Cave

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends: Batman Bat Cave provides an imaginext adventures to play by 36 months - 7 years old. The playset includes figures of Batman and Robin, batcycle, antenna, bathook, console, satellite dish with loading door which opens and closes, a working draw bridge with spinning feature, a jail with escape hatch and an elevator. Using an imagination, Batman gets a call from the Commissioner while Robin plays tricks which are not funny. Then Batman goes to the main floor using the elevator where the drawbridge at the entrance has been already lowered by Robin. Watch out! There is Penguin right outside. Batman should make a quick move to the side door to get the bat cycle. Then continue the story by your own imagination. To make the adventure more exciting and cooler, there are some additional Super Figures sold separately.

This great toy has good durability even they have been dumped into the water, dropped and knocked many times by toddlers.

Storage suggestion:
You may need a plastic bag to keep the small pieces which are easily got lost.

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LeapFrog TAG Reading System

LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a toy with amazing touch reading system designed for 4-8 year old children. Wonderfully crafted for little hands, LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a touch and talk reading device bringing stories to real life like never before. LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a revolutionary touch reading system engaging children to make reading an awesome, fulfilling experience. Children only touch an electronic pen, which is the tag reader, to every page of the book, and a tiny camera in the tip "reads" the pages, allowing children to hear words and stories read aloud. Singing characters, pictures, stories and learning activities jump to life in every single touch, bringing children in the adventure of exciting reading.

1. LeapFrog Tag Reading System is best used in almost every indoor situation, in the car, in your home, at night before your child is going to bed, during traveling and many more.
2. It also has great story reader in the perfect color. No wonder that Leapfrog Tag Reading System is a high quality of educational product, durable and lasting fun and interactive.
3. LeapFrog Tag Reading System is easy to carry so you can make sure your child is accompanied by this Tag Reading System wherever he or she goes.

1. Many find that Leapfrog Tag Reading System is easy to assemble but I still some few buyers have difficulty assembling it. So make sure you know how to assemble before leaving the store. You can ask the store about how to assemble before bringing this toy home.
2. For some children the educational games are perhaps quite easy. A Pre-K graduate may loose interest easily especially on level 1 and 2. So you need to choose the upper level to avoid this problem. The idea is to give your child something challenging and LeapFrog Tag Reading System will do the rest.
3. To install the program, you need high speed internet connection. For slow connection, the installation can take one hour and sometimes book downloading is incomplete. For this problem, you just need to repeat the download.

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Fisher-Price Elmo Live

Fisher-Price Elmo Live is the latest version of Elmo with an interactive style and his various actions like singing, talking, telling jokes, dancing, using gestures and a lot more. It is so life-like it keeps the kids and adults amazed. To make him telling a story, your kids simply press Elmo’s foot then he will sit on the stool and start story telling. Your kids also can ask him to dance by squeezing his hand. It really makes him as an interactive fun toy for kids from 18 months and up.

1. Elmo live is well designed.
2. He does various actions, i.e. he sings, tells story and jokes, dances, has good manner.
3. He needs to be squeezed in some parts to activate him doing several things.
4. He has a unique personification as if he really lives, i.e. asking for help when he falls and say thank you when your kids help him.
5. His actions especially with his gestures make him interactive and fun.
6. The battery- safe mode helps a lot when your kids leave it or fall asleep.

1. Elmo uses batteries which need to be replaced later many times.
2. The body looks soft while actually it is not since there is not any cushion separated the mechanical body from the furry cover.
3. There is no volume control and it has loud noise which can be annoying.
4. The red furry is too thin and flimsy.
5. He is able to have repetition which can make older toddlers slowly being insane.

It would be better if Elmo Live is made more flexible in terms of adding more programs. That will make Elmo more interactive and long lasting.

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Best Selling ChristmasToys for Babies and Toddlers: Last Update!

Best Christmas Selling Toys 2008 for Babies and Toddlers made to ease doing toys online shopping. But the more important thing is this list helps you to find the right one for your babies and toddlers before you get some in the stores. The list was made through my examining some giant stores like toys r us, amazon, walmart and kbtoys. From these sites, I looked for the best selling toys especially for toddler and babies. I also evaluated the customer reviews, the toy rating, price and item coherence and try to find toys staying at the top 10 bestselling at more than one site. So I had done the observation for you and found that each toy in this list was great. They are rock. One thing you still need to consider is to buy this toy as soon as possible or they will be sold out even before you plan to purchase them.

I also have summarized some pros and cons of each toy so that you know what factors to consider before buying a certain toy. Just click the toy in the list to get the detail information. I do hope this can be a little help.

1. Fisher-Price Elmo Live
2. LeapFrog Tag Reading System
3. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends: Batman Bat Cave
4. LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table
5. Fisher-Price Smart Cycle
6. Playskool: Busy Basics - Busy Ball Popper
7. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
8. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
9. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy
10. Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage