Playskool: Busy Basics - Busy Ball Popper

One of Hasbro collection you might collect for your toddlers is Playskool Busy Basics - Busy Ball Popper which is fun, energetic, colorful and durable. It helps babies and toddlers from 9 months to 3 years learn cause and effect through putting the ball in one hole and it will come out the other.

1. It entertains toddlers. Toddlers can knock the balls around in this toy and they just watch the ball going around and around. Toddlers also like to push the plunger down themselves and repeat it again and again.
2. It keeps toddler busy, grabbing the balls when they popped up and put them back down through the chute.
3. The ball fountain is neat.

1. This toy needs batteries which drain so quick. It makes this toy expensive to use.
2. The balls are easy to loose unless parents keep taking the rolling balls again and again.
3. It is a little bit loud and the volume cannot be adjusted. To lessen that noise, you may put some scotch tape over a portion of the fan/motor opening and the speaker.
4. Some toddlers put other toys down into the holes resulting on they get stuck down there and needed to take out.
5. Some toys have the fan with not enough air flow to push the balls through the system. It needs parents forcing them through and picking the flying around balls then put them back.

Click here for Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper.