Wooden toddler toys probably considered old-fashioned. In the contrary, some colourful unique wooden toys could be found in many places. The design looks fresher and brighter than the old ones. I myself see a big difference in colour choice between those two. But that is not the most important thing like a proverb says “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The function of the wooden toys takes important roles as a basic reason in giving them to our toddlers. Wooden toys are very good as educational materials as well.

Toddlers love knowing something new in colours, shapes, size and sound. By sorting colours and shapes while playing puzzles, toddlers will be creative and develop their cognitive aspects involving mental imagery, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and memory development. Unlike electronic toys, wooden toys give a space for toddlers to be more creative in making some more sound effects. Toddlers could produce sound as if it comes out from the wooden toys. For instance, at the moment the toddlers playing wooden gun, they are able to make sound of their own. In short, colours, shapes and sound stimulate toddler’s sight, touch and hearing.

Furthermore, the activity of playing wooden toys will make toddlers feel better than that of playing electronic toys. This is so because toddlers get more enjoyment in playing with toys made out of wood. Moreover, wooden toys promote the learning skills and mental capability. This might be particularly approved while learning math. Toddlers given some toys related to math will master it. It helps them to explore the geometrical shapes and in the future it might help them to relate math theory with real life situations. The wooden puzzles help toddlers to improve their visualizing skills and this in turn helps them to advance their learning.
Motor skill is also one more aspect that can be developed while toddlers are grasping, holding, reaching out and releasing objects as well rotating their wrist in some directions. Of course the toddlers also may develop their motor skills by walking, running, throwing, lifting and kicking like when they play wooden push toys, wooden golf clubs or wooden fishing poles.