There are so many toddler toys out there, from the cheapest to the most expensive, from wooden to metal. Above all, as a good parent you are obliged to choose toddler toys that educate. For some parents, though, choosing the right toddler toy is somewhat tricky. Or may be they don't have adequate information to do so. What are educational toddler toys? In this article, you will find top 7 educational toys that have been tested by thousand of kids and you will know why these toddler toys are the educational ones.

1. Learn-Around Playground by LeapFrog

2. Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Doll by Mattel

3. Amazing Animals Sing & Go Choo-Choo by Fisher-Price

4. Bilingual Talking Smart Driver by Chicco

5. Smart Splash Memory Match Clams by Learning Resources

6. The Wiggles Sing-With-Me Microphone by Spin Master Toys

7. Bilingual Talking Cube by Chicco

Learn-Around Playground

This play center is definetely both educational yet full of fun. Dealing with this, your toddler will have many things to do; things to push, pull and move around that will develop motor skills. Toddlers will also learn colors, shapes, textures and first words. This playground is also very musical. Tug on the “Touch & Learn Textures” and hear one of three songs about bumpy, fuzzy and smooth textures. Slide the frog, Leap, and he sings the alphabet song. Play the “Number Rock Keyboard” and count along to five rock ’n’ roll songs. You see, from these activities your toddler soon or later will be able to mention alphabet and count numbers.

Toddlers love sending things down the slide. If it’s one of the balls from the playset, the “Smart Ball Drop” will say what color it is. The Learn-Around Playground is designed to grow with your child. There are things to do while sitting or standing, so it appeals to babies and toddlers. It also has two modes: Learn & Grow and Compose & Play. Here’s something else you should know — It’s very sturdy, and it doesn’t tip over like some other toys. This is fabulous. (Requires 3 AA batteries: manufacturer’s age: 6 months to 3 years.)

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Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Doll

Actually this toy is designed for girls and for parents with little girls, this toy will be the best. The reason that makes me put this toy in the list is that this toy teaches verbal interaction while many toys try to develop motor skills and cognitive skills. This toy is more in building little girls' affection.

Your little girl will fall in love with Real Loving Baby, an interactive doll that she’ll want to nurture and care for every day. Girls can choose and record a name for their doll, and through speech recognition, Real Loving Baby will actually respond when her name is spoken. The 16-inch doll can also move her head, arms, and wrists in a lifelike fashion.

The combination of these realistic features means that Real Loving Baby will open her arms for a hug, ask for and blow kisses, cover her eyes to play peek-a-boo, and giggle when you tickle her. Other amazing characteristics include her asking for and drinking from her bottle, rubbing her eyes and taking her blanket when it’s time to go to sleep, playing with her teddy bear, and more. Her voice is as realistic as her actions--young and cute without being creepy or scary.

It's, in fact, a parents dream interactive doll. It doesnt screech at you, it doesnt pee, it doesnt have to have special diapers or food. Great, right? The best part of it is this-if you dont play with her for a few minutes she goes to sleep and stays that way until you pick her up. Not only that, but she is a quiet doll, not loud and obnoxious like many talking dolls can be!

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Amazing Animals Sing & Go Choo-Choo

Animals are amazing—and so is the Amazing Animals™ Sing & Go Choo-Choo™! Place any of the animals in the train’s musical engine car to hear delightful songs that help baby learn about animals. Baby can sit and explore or crawl along with the moving toy train as it lights up, playing music and sounds. Each animal and train car is full of rewarding activities—like movable, clicking joints, textured feet, teethable ears, rattles and more. For quiet play, there is a power/volume control. The Amazing Animals™ Sing & Go Choo-Choo™ comes with a giraffe, elephant and monkey. Add to the fun with even more Amazing Animals toys (sold separately)

It is no surprise that this toddler toy was chosen for Parent's Magazine Best Toys of the Year award, 2006, as well as other prestigious awards. This toddler toy develops motor skills and helps babies learn to crawl, while teaching them about animals. And these chunky animals are not just cute, their feet are sculpted with various textures for fun exploration and they have teether ears to chew on. This toddler toy also appeals to a diverse age, from babies who are first learning to crawl to toddlers who like to sing along with the animal friends. Plus, Amazing Animals sets are available if you'd like to add to the bunch.

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