Fisher Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage

This time I'd like to review a product from Fisher Price, Little People Racin' Ramps Garage.

By playing this toy, toddlers can learn a lot of things, discover how and what happens at this garage. The colours can attract toddlers' attention too. The Racin' Ramps Garage is not only a toy but also an educated aid. It stimulates toddlers' imaginary play. Besides, toddlers can learn the name of the things, the colours and enjoy fun sounds like the mechanical bell sounds coming from the elevator. Toddlers could have some experiences like filling in the gas tank of the cars and trucks.

The Racin' Ramps Garage has a three-story elevator with mechanical bell sounds that you can hear as you raise and lower it. The automatic stop sign "knows" when to lower and raise itself to signal traffic through. There is also a gas pump, bat-at air hose and tow truck with fun sounds. Includes two figures and passenger car.

The Playskool trucks and cars for babies/toddlers fit in the elevator and the ramp as well. Some toddlers love to send the people down in the wheelchair that came with the Little People bus and they can enjoy having the truck tow the car and also likes to "fill" the gas tank of both vehicles.

I find four weaknesses of this toy. First, the sound of the truck is very loud. It can scare toddlers. For this problem you'd better put a tape over the speaker to reduce the noise. Second, the elevator is quite annoying! It's difficult to move it up and down, Third, when the car is pushed down the ramp, often, little people goes flying off the car. Forth, the second floor is useless I think since the ramp isn't even integrated to it.

I like the fact that there is plenty of opportunity for imagination, not too many bells and whistles, and any cars can be used. It will combine well with the other Fisher Price sets.

This toy is pretty sturdy, though it's not as sturdy as its predecessor. It holds toddler's weight. Trust me. Overall a good buy.

If you are interested in this toy and want to know more about this toy just click Fisher Price Little People Racin' Ramps Garage.