FIJIT Friends Interactive Toys

Fijit Friends Interactive Toys are an interactive toy that will turn out to be your child’s new finest friend. With supple skin which enables amazing motion, Fijit Friend has several interactive functions, including voice recognition, dance mode,beat detection, and over 150 built-in reactions. Advised for ages six and up, Sage will likely be a quick and lasting friend that chats, jokes, dances, and also performs.

The Fijit Friends Interactive Toy Collection consists of four different Fijit Friends (Serafina, Willa, Logan and Sage) that all have distinct colors, voices, ears and individualities.
FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive Toy
Willa is as always a step ahead of the newest and greatest, whether it is fashion or whatever is cool and new. She is stylish, confident and can be a natural leader.
FIJIT Friends Logan Interactive Toy
Logan is happy showing off her newest hi-tech cool gadget while she is playing outdoors. This super-loyal pal adores animals and will always cheer you on.

FIJIT Friends Sage Interactive Toy
Sage replies every challenge by a "let's go!" attitude. Sage enjoys discovering and exploring new things.

The Fijit Friend is created with a durable plastic head, cute easily removed ears, as well as a squishy shell which is a delight to touch. Poke her belly to prompt cool moves and fun surprises.

Your unique friend’s body and head will turn, bounce, and even wiggle. Even her LED face and eyes will light up in response to stimuli. Along with unique movements as well as a huggable form, she will make a interesting new BFF.

Play your personal music and watch this Fijit Friend boogie in dance mode. Beat Sensors permit physical and emotional responses to different styles of music-from slow ballads to lively pop tracks. Dance together as she rocks, twirls, and bounces to the beat. She will even perform her own original songs.

Eager to chat and also turn you into laugh, this Fijit Friend features voice recognition, permitting her to recognize over 30 voice instructions as well as act in response with a lot more than 150 built-in phrases and also jokes. When it really is time for bed, wish your Fijit Friend a goodnight. Her belly will certainly glow just like a nightlight while she nods to get in bed.

The Fijit Friends Interactive Toys may also detect and also respond to various media platforms, such as tv commercials, webisodes, mobile phone applications, and even a lot more.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Setcould be a learning toy which can be purchased for your kids as a birthday gift. I bought my son an original Leapfrog fridge phonics magnetic alphabet set which was totally different in terms of design from the particular one which is on sale at present. It was not in the model of a dog house just like the new style and design, but this was of a yellow sun sitting on a cloud. Other than the redesign of the Leapfrog fridge phonics magnetic alphabet set, anything else is entirely the exactly the same. It came in the box it which was approximately} has the same dimensions with a textbook which housed the rest of the alphabets not displayed next to the magnet toy itself. There are a total of twenty-six letters and they all are capital letters. Each letter talks, sings and teaches letter names, letter sounds and learning songs. Place a letter into the reader to hear its name, its sound or a fun phonics song.

One of the things that I like best about the Leapfrog fridge phonics magnetic alphabet set is that it does not require any setup and it was included with batteries already installed. While I took the leapfrog fridge phonics magnetic alphabet set out of the box, all I had to do was open the bags in which the letters were in and put them on the refrigerator together with the toy and that was it. I also liked the advantage that it was easy to use because my son was so young at the moment, and he could comprehend using it with absolutely no difficulties; he also got the hang of switching out the letters which was easy and simple as well for both of us.

In addition, it has been quite handy in keeping my kiddos occupied while I am preparing a meal or cleaning up. The magnets are very safe and do not contain any small pieces that could be ingested. The magnets are nice and strong. If they come off the fridge, they are not too bad to step on either :-o! ...unlike the "traditional" number/letter magnets. Well, in short, LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set could be a perfect companion for your kids especially if you are moms who love cooked so much. It is a great educational toy that will help for many months or years.

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