10 Most Wanted Toddler Toys 2009

It is not easy to find 10 most wanted toddler toys 2009. There are so many toys out there offering so many activities for both boys and girls. Though toddlers are always glad to receive gifts, they can either be in love with the toys or frustrated in playing the toys. Sometimes what we think as parents to be the best for our toddlers are not what they like to play. As parents, you may consider what benefit your toddlers can have by playing a certain toy. In the contrary, your toddler may have fun and learn something in their own ways. Anyway, to save your hours navigating the sites and search engines, you can see and then order some toys based on the list I made after collecting some information on bestselling toys from some sites:

Interesting Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers enjoy playing both indoor and outdoor. However, even they love having indoor activities, they might get bored sometimes. So outdoor activities is good to do as a variation. Not only they get some fresh air, but also new learning circumstances. They could interact with others in their age as well as adult. Here are some ideas for you and your toddler to do:

* Shopping

Some toddlers love picking out their favorite things. Let your toddlers grab their favourite things, stand in a queue and then pay them in cashier. It could be a good learning experience and I guess they will have fun. My 2 year toddler enjoy shopping a lot. He sometimes go our stall (fortunately we have our own stall at home) and take his favorite drink or meal. Whenever we go a grocery store, he takes not only his favorite food but also what is available in front of him. Then I put them back before he noticed. He really enjoy the shopping activities even standing in a queue (the short one, of course). So once I let him pay by himself and he looks proud of himself. For indoor activities, you may use Little Tikes Shopping Cart to let your toddler play pretend.

* Hide & Seek
Almost all toddlers and kids enjoy this game. You can play with a small number of people to do so. Toddlers enjoy playing it with their peers and even with older people including you. You could alter your house into a fun playhouse and have fun playing it with your toddlers. If you want to add some more fun, you can set Play Tent to be used for 1-4 kids both outdoor and indoor.

* Going to the Zoo or Local Pet Store

Toddlers are full of curiosity and happy to see animals. My toddler loves watching moving fish in an aquarium. Sometimes perhaps we do not have time to feed and keep our pet clean. So, let’s take your toddlers out to a zoo or local pet store. At the zoo they could see wild animals and at the local pet store they could see hamsters, dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc. Anyway, you may consider to buy one for your toddler as he grows up.

* Exploring seashore
Water is one favourite thing for toddlers to play. One alternative place except swimming pool is seashore with some new things for toddlers to know and learn. Even for adults, picking up some shells, building a sandcastle, running at the seashore, waiting and feeling the sea waves come, or trying to catch some fish give tons of fun! To make such activity becomes more interesting and complete, you can provide your toddler with toys, watering can, bucket, shovel and more!

* Playing with sand
As parents, you might think that sand is dirty and full of germs, but for toddlers, sand is something fun. You can provide a plastic shovel or a bucket to teach your toddler how to play with sand. You can also pour some water to the sand to act as if you make dough. Release your creativity and share nice moment with your toddler.

* Having a Picnic in a park

Take your toddlers to a park and let them play around, feel the grass and experience new situation and meet others in a new place. You can put off their shoes so the grass may tickle their feet.

* Going to a museum
A museum is an excellent place to introduce and talk about colours, textures, shapes and sizes with your toddlers. Besides, they probably will not find what they see in the museum. Just keep watching your toddler to avoid unexpected accident.