Baby Einstein - Da Vinci - From Head to Toe

This time I am going to share some information and my toddler's experience concerning with this DVD.
I played it for the first time when my toddler was around six months old and unfortunately he gave no response watching it. It seems that he didn't enjoy the show or perhaps didn't understand. He was probably too early to watch this video. When he was ten months old, I played it once again. At that time he could stand watching it in more than seven minutes. Now I found my 15 months old active toddler enjoy watching the show and keep watching it in at least ten minutes. Not only watching, he also touches the parts of his own body. Moreover, after the show is over, he wants me to repeat it. He loves it very much.

In my experience, this DVD is great in teaching part of the body (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet, and face) and names of animals. The way it introduces the part of they body is interesting. Each segment starts with the Einstein puppet showing each word in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and French). Then we see the parts on children, toys, and drawings / artwork. There are also cute sketches with the puppets that focus on the staring part.

Anyway, there are some parts my toddler dislike, the drawing session. He seldom sits nicely during those times. I think drawing session is the implication of the title, Baby Einstein Da Vinci. In conclusion, it is great in general and one you might consider to give.

If you are interested in this DVD and want to know more about this just click Baby Einstein - Baby Da Vinci - From Head to Toe.