What You Need to Know About Toddler Bed Rails

Toddler bed rails are devices which are being used to prevent toddler from falling during his sleep. These bed rails are available in different varieties in the market. When a toddler starts his early movements and he makes many movements during his night sleep, then you need to know much about toddler bed rails. Now you might be thinking what you need to know about toddler bed rails, well, there are many things that you should now about toddler bed rails. The best thing for this is that you do some research or comparison about toddler bed rails. Moreover, if you have a plan to buy one then you can get some information on some manufacturers of toddler bed rails before deciding the best one for your toddler.

What you need to know about toddler bed rails will be told here. Toddler bed rails have several designs, sizes, types, patterns and functions. Let’s talk about the design and type first. Mostly there are three types of bed rails, the first type is that the rail is attached adjacent to the bed; the second type is that the rail is not attached to the bed in fact (it is placed along the bed) and the third type is the rail is attached to the mattress. There are some bed rails which remain attached and some other can be taken off from the bed when these railings are not being used. However, most of the parents prefer to use bed rails until they feel that their toddler is sensible enough to sleep independently during night. The size of the toddler bed rails varies from bed to bed. It is important to know that you choose the right size of the railing which properly fit to your toddler’s bed. Don’t buy any toddler bed rail just because it is pretty and elegant in color. However, if it does not fit well to your toddler bed then it is useless and it means that you are just going to waste your money by buying that one.

Toddler rails are usually 2 inches above the top surface of the mattress. By putting the bed rails, it gives sign to your toddler that he is getting closer to the edge of the mattress and the bed rails will prevent your toddler from falling out.

Well, all of these rails are good. However, in my opinion, the best one is one which is used in attachment to the mattress because it will not create any space between the rail and the mattress. As a result, your toddler will not become entrapped or fall in between the bed rail and the mattress. So it is better to confirm that you are going to buy the right size and the right type of toddler bed rail. Then it will surely enhance the security of your toddler while sleeping.

I hope this is all what you need to know about toddler bed rails but there could be some more information on this. In fact, if you do a little research on the toddler bed rail, then you will find wide variety of information. However, if you need more about the toddler bed rails then you can surely add to this.

Brands of Toddler Bed Rails

Children are the most precious living beings for every parent like you. Parents love, care and grow them up in the best possible way they can do for them. Parents take care of their children at every stage and especially during their very young ages. Toddlers are innocent and cannot look after themselves in better way. That’s why when babies grew older and became toddler, they will have a transition from the small crib to toddler bed. This is the most exciting thing for the parents because their toddlers have a step forward in their lives. Parents need to choose the toddler bed which can best ensure the safety of their toddlers during sleeping time and that is why they go for toddler bed railings. Mostly these toddler bed rails are available in many brands for two year to onward child available in the market. So parents have great options to choose for their loving ones.

As there are many brands of toddler bed rails available in the market, so it is not a problem to find one which will fit exactly to your toddler’s bed. Most popular brands of toddler bed rails are Angel Line Convertible Crib, Argington Ayres Guard Rails, Da Vinci Anastasia, Summer Infant Sure and Secure Bed Rail, Child Craft bed rails, Elizabeth Toddler bed rails and many more. Below are brief reviews on some of these brands of toddler bed rails, which will help you to buy the best toddler bed rail for you kid.

Angel Line

Angel Line Convertible Crib Guard Rail is one toddler bed rail produced of Angel Line. Angel Line produces toddler bed rails which are really very safe because they best guard your toddler and give him comfortable sleep surroundings by stopping him from the spillovers. These rails are made of very solid structure and they give long lasting protection to your child.

Argington Ayres Guard Rails
Argington Ayres Trundle Bed - White is one of Argington Ayres product of which its brand is famous for it’s wide range of flexibility and adaptability, as it is available in four different finishes. These rails help in preventing all type of accidental fall of your child from the toddler bed. Important feature of this brand’s rail is that there is metal to metal connector use for the ease of the parents, so that they can remove these rails whenever needed. This connection is hidden below the bed and it does not give any ugly look to your toddler’s bed if these rails are removed. This brand has a great name because of its firm construction, which is made of birch and birch ply with the great finishing in ebony.

Da Vinci Anastasia
This is another wood made toddler bed rails brand; which makes very cost effective railing for your young kid. The benefit of this brand is that they make the convertible bed rails, which can be use for some other purpose as well.

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Bed Rail

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Single Bedrail and Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail are produced by Summer Infant. Toddler bed rail is a need for your toddler while having a transition from their crib to a regular bed. It will make your toddler no longer falling out of his bed. It is easy to assemble since the available instructions are easy to follow and no tolls are needed. This can be folded down for easy access to the bed or to change linens. In addition, there is Summer Infant Sesame Street "Wish Upon A Star" Musical Soft Glow Bedrail. It is a toddler bed rail with Elmo, a famous Sesame Street character, bed rail which includes light up shooting stars, soft glow star night light and plays a soothing lullaby.

Child Craft
This brand has a specialty for the simple and long lasting toddler bed rails, which are mostly made of hard wood. This brand is well suited for the budget seeing parents, who want to buy best rail in their specific budget.

This is all that I want to share with you about the brands of toddler bed rails. I hope you would like that and if you have any more then please add to this or you can leave your comment that how informative you find this blog.