The importance of introducing a computer for your toddler nowadays may come into your mind as parents. However, there might some questions followed this idea. Below some ideas you may consider before your introduce a computer for your curious toddler.

The right age to introduce a computer
Computer may be right or wrong for your toddler. You may introduce it to them when they are at least nine months to a year old. It is so because their vision has been developed enough to clearly focus on the screen at around six months. Besides, they need to be able to sit up by themselves to enjoy staring at a screen which happen around six to eight months.

The right time to start using it
Once I played some Baby Einstein movies at my computer and my baby did not show his interest at all. But then at 1 year old, I tried again and he enjoyed watching the movie thought he could not finish any single movie. Now that he is three year olds, he can click on the play button to watch his favourite movie.

The right activities
You can choose some games developed for children under three instead of many games and CD-ROMS which are too fast, too loud and too confusing for their brain to absorb. Once you introduced with for example Mario Brothers, then you cannot go back to Teletubbies.

The right purpose
Keep the activities using computer as a source of fun, not a task master. Your toddler is too young to get drilled at academic learning. You can find a software which reinforces reading and math readiness skill that may include shape recognition, color, listening comprehension, opposites and cause-and-effect.

The right duration
For one to two year olds, you may let them enjoy using the computer for about thirty minutes. For older toddler from three to four, they can have longer period of time that an hour a day in total. However, always watch the sign of loosing interest or fatigue. If they stop looking at the screen, crying or getting sleepy, just stop it.

The right size of images
For one year old, you can choose one to three images per screen so they can big images clearly. Avoid too complicated drawings for younger toddler.

The right interesting activities
Activities with songs and music with steady rhythm are helpful for babies and toddlers to enjoy. For 18 months old, you can give ones with the sound of whistles, clocks or bells. Do not make them get confused with the random rhythm or loud rock music.

One example of simple software for your toddler is Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby and Toddler.

For your toddler who loves Thomas the tank engine, you may also take a look at Thomas and Friends Railway Adventures Playset

How to Make Bath Time More Fun for Your Toddlers?

How to make bath time more fun for your toddlers is a question of some parents. Well, there is a fact that many of toddlers do not enjoy taking a bath. You may drag your toddler to the bathroom but it is not a good manner to make him take a bath willingly. The best thing is to give them a good experience so that it will not make them scared to take a bath. A simple thing that we may do not realize is the temperature of the water. They might prefer a warm water to make them comfort. Some toddlers may need to be introduced on how to get their hair washed with no-tears shampoo still. You can tell your toddler to look up at the shower nozzle and close his eyes. Pour water over his hair, keeping it from running down her face as much as possible. By this age the toddler should be used to having water poured over her head. If needed you can give some distraction like blowing bubbles, draw pictures in the bathtub with washable colored soap or bath crayons and provide them some bath toys.

Besides, you can set the bathroom to attract your toddler's attention and enjoy his bathing time. Not only you can provide some rubber duck or fish toys they have already had, but also put some bathroom accessories that will make change his perception of a bathroom. As parents, I believe that you know which cartoon character he likes most. Then you can plan a perfect theme you will set for them. You can check some available theme both in stores and online.

As a general idea, boys get things related to blue and girls get things related to pink. Otherwise, you can provide unisex theme like sunny beach or cartoon characters they really love. Sparkling color is a good choice to give a magical touch for a new exciting look. Even you can ask your toddler about what they want really like and let them choose by themselves.
The things you can search to set the bathroom such as toothbrush holder, rugs and curtains, soap dish. Hopefully your toddler will be attracted to take a bath willingly everyday. Be sure that the bathroom accessories blend well in the bathroom.

Below a cartoon character theme as an example to help you choose some of bathroom accesories:
1. Finding Nemo
a. Finding Nemo Towel Cake for Girls and Boys

b. Disney Finding Nemo - 23 Wall Stickers / Accents

c. Nemo Slip Proof Area Rug

d. Disney Finding Nemo Shower curtain w/ 12 hooks

e. The First Years Finding Nemo Bath Cups

2. Dora The Explorer
a. Dora the Explorer Pink Towel Cake - Dental Care, Bath Products & Toys

b. Dora the Explorer Toilet Seat Lid Cover toddler potty bathroom decor

or Dora The Explorer Soft Potty Seat Superstyle, Pink

c. Munchkin Dora the Explorer Bath Squirters

d. Dora the Explorer Toothbrush Holder

e. Dora the Explorer Bath Mat

f. Dora the Explorer Bath Soap Dispenser / Lotion Pump

g. Dora the Explorer Fabric Shower Curtain