All parents want to make their toddlers happy. Below are the top 7 fun activities both for you and your toddlers are able to do together:

1. Toddlers usually like a moving thing and do not know whether it is alive or not. You can get them a little pet like hamster, goldfish, turtle, puppy, etc in the local pet store. A pet could inspire your toddler and encourage them to share their love by feeding and rub it gently. Or you may just look at some pets in the nearest local pet store.

2. Construct towers together with blocks such as Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks. Your toddlers will find out about spatial relationships, balance, etc.

3. Water attracts toddlers’ attention. You might give your toddlers a spray bottle of water and show them where and what to spray outside of the house to avoid your house of getting messy. You can also use WaterWheel Play Table both indoor and outdoor to encourage your toddlers' creative exploration with cause and effect learning.

4. Most of toddlers love to strike. You could ask your toddlers to follow the beat of a music you play. Your toddlers will enjoy the marching band game to end. Your toddlers can explore music, develop their motor skills and learning the color, alphabet and opposites too by playing LeapFrog® Learn & Groove Musical Table.

5. You could create a sandbox out of a large plastic container. After you have created one, your toddlers can play in it and see them crawling, jumping, skipping, hopping, grabbing the sand while developing their motor skills. Don’t forget to wash their hands after playing.

6. Toddlers surely love some funny characters from movies or Muppet shows or other programs in toddlers TV channels such as Barney, Elmo and all characters in Sesame Street, Barbies, Teletubbies, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob, Donald Duck, The Powerpuff Girls, Doraemon and many more. After watching the shows or programs, toddlers as good imitator can be inspired to talk to their dolls and consider them as their friends. This is because those characters are as real as any other person that they have met in real life.

7. Toddlers love colours. You can set up finger painting and let your toddlers show their creativities by using Elmer's Fantastic Finger Paint Pack of 32. To keep your house in order/neat, your toddlers can do this activity in an empty bathtub without full dress.

Enjoy your time…