When I looked for a bouncer or trampolin, I read once about Intex Jungle Gym Jump o Lene. However, nowadays we cannot find Jungle Gym Jump o Lene since there is no stock available. So I make a review on Jump o Lene Jump n Gym instead of Jungle Gym Jump o Lene.

Product Features
* 6 inflatable rings (2 with rattlers inside) attach to wall and bounce and make noise as you jump - or remove the rings and toss them around for extra fun
* Crawl through door to use toy as a playhouse
* High gloss PVC material
* Repair Patch included
* Great for indoor or outdoor play

Jump o Lene Jump n Gym is not really a bouncer but it works great as indoor as well as outdoor toy giving tons and tons of fun. It is easy to inflate or deflate though takes a long time to do so. You can use an electric blower to re-inflate it occasionally.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym is big and sturdy enough for 5 kids of ages 2-4 year old to play in it at a time. It says that it is able to take 120 pounds.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym has big size even take up more room than a bed, but it gives fun and good exercise especially during winter.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym is great as a ball pit. Even 6 month baby can sit and play with all the balls too.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym provides toddlers with fun of jumping, rolling and climbing in and out of it.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym is easy to take down and store and fits in most bedrooms or living rooms.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym has great size for toddlers with a little door to crawl in and out of it.

Jump o Lene Jump n Gym toy blew easily after being inflated by a hand pump. So you can say your own opinion about the quality.
Jump o Lene Jump n Gym easily came apart along a seam and the air came out after using it only under the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Some parents find it hard to get it back into the box it comes in.

You can pump it with a small air compressor slowly and do not "over" fill it. Air it up in sections and then go back and add a little more.
Toddler should wear socks and bring in plush stuffed animals only.
You can put a tarp under it for protection in using it outdoor.
For you who look for the one as pictured, you may not get the one with the color scheme as pictured you like.
As a pit ball, you can put 100 balls which will be enough for 1 yo or 300-400 balls to fill it full with balls.
If you have a big swimming pool, you can use it inside the swimming pool and play "Merry go round".
When you use it outside, you need to check whether it is windy or not to avoid the wind blow it away.
In case you get a hole and need to cover the hole, you can warm some duct tape up in the sun, throw it on there, give it a bit to set and re-inflate.
For older kids around 5 year old and up, you can get a full size regular tramp with a net.
When you put it in indoor, you need about 6-7 foot square space. In addition, it should be put away from a wall of furniture to avoid any unexpected accident.
For young toddler who still loves biting, parents need to make a rule for them so there will not be a hole in it.

At last, some of others' bad experiences may make you think deeply before you purchase this toy. Like buying any inexpensive thing, we can get luckily good one or not. So the choice is yours.

Have a nice summer time!

Fun Summer Toys for Toddlers

Fun summer toys are needed to make your toddler have summer fun. At this stage, toddler loves to explore their new abilities in walking, discovering new things around them, interacting with others, talking and counting. Toddler does it by imitating parents or adults around them. During summer toddler can do it both inside and outside. You can help your toddler learn new things by providing some toys which are appropriate for his age. There are outdoor toddler swing set and slide, cooking pretend play set, sandbox, climber, etc. Some toys I choose below are from Aqua Leisure, Little Tikes outdoor toys, Intex toys sports outdoor such as Jump o Lene Jump n Ggym, Fisher Price outdoor toys, Step2 toys, Radio Flyer and many more.

Based on astronomical definition, summer begins June 21, 2009. It means that tomorrow will be summer! So before it is getting too late, check a list of some fun summer toys for your toddlers below:

At last, always bring the sunscreen, water bottles and snacks when you go on outings. Enjoy your summer time!

Monkey playing cymbals vintage toy is one of some monkey toys available for your toddler and little children even parents. Previously in around 1950s there became a huge success monkey toy, Musical Jolly Chimp, a monkey that clanged their cymbals to the delight of their young owners. Now that there is Monkey playing cymbals vintage toy with different outfit from the original clothes of the Musical Jolly Chimp, Monkey playing cymbals vintage toy is a close replica of the former toy. Charlie also has the same movements and sounds as the one introduced by Japanese toy company, Daishin C-K. You can share your sweet childhood memory with your children. Below are the vintage replica and the other two monkeys playing cymbals:

Besides monkey playing cymbals vintage toy, there are some monkey stuffed animals available in several shapes and sizes. They are Ty stuffed animals, Gund stuffed animals, Webkinz stuffed animals, Curious George stuffed animals, Wesinster, Russ stuffed animals and other produced by R&R Games. Below are other monkey toys I select as fun sources to generate your cute toddlers' smile.