Selected Toys as Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Parents usually give a Christmas gift for their children even for their toddlers. When they want to choose what to purchase for their toddler other than fashion, they might consider toys to be one of several alternatives. The next questions are which toys are the best to give, the fun or educational ones? To answer these questions, I would like to share some ideas in selecting the Christmas gift.

Parents could stimulate their toddlers' imagination power by providing them interactive educational toys. Wooden toys, books and puzzles take important parts in allowing them develop their skills and the way they think by their own. Parents can find a variety of educational toys as Christmas gift for toddlers between 12 and 36 months of age. These toys render endless opportunities to both educate and entertain your toddlers in a number of fun and exciting ways.

Wooden toys
You may choose the classic one of wooden toys that is building blocks. This Christmas gift can last generation and they are classic.

Someone says that books are the windows to the world. So, the earlier children start reading a book, the greater they will be in the future. Parents may introduce books to their toddlers and let books help them 'grow' in library of books no matter what their age now. First, toddlers may begin with picturial books and appreciate stories more. Parents can try to find stories with a cute message and beautiful illustrations. Pop up books are also helpful and popular for toddlers. Books like other previous Christmas gifts can be used for a long time.

By putting shapes into the correct "missing" place or matching pairs, toddlers' skills in problem solving are stimulated. Wooden puzzles as a Christmas gift parents may choose are one of the best alternatives.

Soft / Plush Toys
Most children love to cuddle a soft doll specially given as Christmas gift. There are some small soft toys which is general like Teddy Bear and also thematic like Christmas Musical Ornaments Soft Toys by Baby Gund. Parents may purchase a lightweight and handy one that looks and feels simple. A simple thing to think when you buy a soft toy is that the softer the toy, the more likely will the toddler be to care and shower it with tons of love, attention and affection. Of course, parents need to find the qualified one, including the material comparison of different soft toys and parts of toys checking. Small parts like nose, eyes and other parts of the toy could be swallowed by toddlers. Parents must put safety on top.

Toddlers' minds grow astonishing. They learn fast. Some available DVD, like Barney, Sesame Street, Wiggles, Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein might help a lot. One DVD of Baby Einstein series entitled Baby Einstein - Baby Santa's Music Box is perfect for Christmas gift for your toddlers. Some parents find that those DVDs help their toddlers enjoy their time by themselves while learning something unconsciously.

Bath toys
The last one is the simplest and inexpensive ones. Great toys should not expensive, should they? Plastic floating balls, rubber ducks and sponge could accompany the toddlers' bath time and give parents time to wash behind their ears.

Now parents may buy some or all of above-mentioned toys as Christmas gift and later see your toddler grow and learn fast.