LeapFrog Imagination Desk Learning System gives answer to recent demands for educational toys for children. As other educational toys produced by LeapFrog, this imagination desk learning system also encourages your toddler to learn while at the same time he can have fun. This system combines music, games and learn to make a fun learning time as playful as it can be. It accommodates your toddler in learning numbers, counting, fun facts, letter names and sounds. Your toddler can learn, play game and listen to the music. He can use the crayons to color the pictures provided in the LeapFrog Imagination Desk Learning System. In addition, you can buy other modules of the imagination desk, i.e. Rhyme and Sing with Mother Goose which contains songs and lyrics. It helps your toddler to develop his reading skill through predicting words by rhyme, letter and whole word recognition and reading practice. It is recommended for kids from 3 to 6 years.

1. The storage space helps your toddler to be neat and independent.
2. The volume control can be adjusted easily according to your toddler's need and environment.
3. It encourages creativity of your toddler, too.

When you have a plan to move your toddler from his crib to a toddler bed, like most of parents, you may look for the toddler bed rails in order to safe their toddlers from being falling down during their sleeping time. Choosing the right type of bed rail for your toddler will not only safe your child from any serious injury but it will have you a qualified sleep. However, there is much different type of bed rails available in the market, so it is not easy to choose the right type of toddler bed rail. It means you need a little help and advice before you buy toddler bed rails. Well, you do not need to worry about this as there really good tips which will surely help you in buying your toddler bed rails.

When you go for buying a toddler bed rail, then you need to keep in mind that bed rail is use not just to keep your toddler safe. In fact, it also serves as a holder for keeping water, books and some stuff toys near your toddler. There can be some holder or some other attachments which will keep all these things near your toddler. There can be a night light also on the bed rail, but it depends on you whether you want these features in your toddler bed rail or not. Well here are a little help and advice before you buy toddler bed rails.

• First you need to consider the place where your toddler bed will be put in the room. If you want to put it against the wall then you can use just single rail else you need to buy two rails for your toddler bed.

• Try to buy the rail which is strong enough to hold child without scratching and tearing.

• There should not be any distance between the railing and the sides of the bed, when you install any rail because this will make your toddler to fall.

• Those frames which do not allow your toddler to pass through them are better than the other one which has large space to cross for your toddler.

• Check the corner of the toddler bed rails and make sure that it has a smooth surface in to avoid your toddler from being scratched.

• To save your money for your other toddler in the future, prefer those bed rails which are easy to install and move from the toddler bed when it is needed.

• If you do so much traveling then you should buy toddler bed rails which are convertible or can be easily folded, to take it to some other place.

This is all about a little help and advice before you buy toddler bed rails, however, best safety of the toddler bed rails depends on the installation of that railing. If you have installed toddler bed rails effectively according to the advices of the manufacturer then it will be more result oriented. For more you can comment to this blog.