An Amazing Toy from LeapFrog: Tag Reading System

What toy is LeapFrog Tag Reading System actually?

LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a toy with amazing touch reading system designed for 4-8 year old children. Wonderfully crafted for little hands, LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a touch and talk reading device bringing stories to real life like never before. LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a revolutionary touch reading system engaging children to make reading an awesome, fulfilling experience. Children only touch an electronic pen, which is the tag reader, to every page of the book, and a tiny camera in the tip "reads" the pages, allowing children to hear words and stories read aloud. Singing characters, pictures, stories and learning activities jump to life in every single touch, bringing children in the adventure of exciting reading.

Containing many activities and interactive games, LeapFrog Tag Reading System helps children to learn at their own speed, let them to build skills, confidence and a long lasting love of reading. Also, LeapFrog Tag Reading System has an enormous collection of hardcover books and games including classic tales (such as The Little Engine That Could and Olivia), favorite movie and TV. Children can also join popular characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Ariel the Little Mermaid.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System allows you to connect it to the online LeapFrog Learning Path. The benefits are parents are able to know what their child is learning plus parent can obtain recommendation on books which is suitable for the child for the next reading. When purchasing LeapFrog Tag Reading System, you will get the “Ozzie and Mack” Book. Other titles should be purchased separately. Two “AAA” batteries are needed to operate LeapFrog Tag Reading System and as usual the batteries are not included.

Get Connected LeapFrog Tag Reading System is user friendly and really easy to operate. The Tag Reader can holds audio for up to five books at one time. Just connect the Tag Reader to the computer using the USB cable (included), choose favorite stories of your children onto your Tag Reader and you can drag and drop to download the audio for your Tag books. It is easy as that.

When online, you are able to see your child progress in recent books, obtain the detailed updates on the skills your child is exploring and share in their achievements by establishing a free LeapFrog Learning Path. The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is one of three new LeapFrog Connected Learning Systems that connect to the LeapFrog Learning Path, allowing you to get regular insights into your child learning, such as which skills, stories and activities your child is dealing with mostly. You will also notice when your child has started playing with content beyond his or her grade level and what is more is that you can even see the questions your child has answered during play.

You can visit the Learning Path of your child anytime from any web browser, and spend as little or as much time as you like. LeapFrog is the one and only trusted partner for you to share each step of your child's unique learning journey.

What can LeapFrog Tag Reading System teach your child? Listening and reading comprehension, word recognition, vocabulary, book and print basics, rhyming, the alphabet, vowels and consonants, phonological awareness, phonic skills, you name it, all in one package, LeapFrog Tag Reading System.

Room to grow Besides the growing library of Tag books, you are able to develop your Tag system with the optional accessories available, for instance storage cases, activity cards, headphones and more.

Pros and Cons Many find that Leapfrog Tag Reading System is easy to assemble but I still find some few buyers have difficulty assembling it. So make sure you know how to assemble before leaving the store. You can ask the store about how to assemble before bringing this toy home.

It also has great story reader in the perfect color. No wonder that Leapfrog Tag Reading System is a high quality of educational product, durable and lasting fun and interactive.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System is easy to carry so you can make sure your child is accompanied by this Tag Reading System wherever he or she goes.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System is best used in almost every indoor situation, in the car, in your home, at night before your child is going to bed, during traveling and many more.

For some children the educational games are perhaps quite easy. A Pre-K graduate may lose interest easily especially on level 1 and 2. So you need to choose the upper level to avoid this problem. The idea is to give your child something challenging and LeapFrog Tag Reading System will do the rest.

To install the program, you need high speed internet connection. For slow connection, the installation can take one hour and sometimes book downloading is uncomplete. For this problem, you just need to repeat the download.

Overall, LeapFrog Tag Reading System is great. This toy rocks! I would recommend this toy to every one.

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