Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm with fun animal sounds helps your toddler in getting know how busy and noisy a farm can be. Some toddlers may have known a farm from the DVD playing animal sounds farm or luckily may have visited a farm. My toddler has an experience to meet some animals in several places, so he may grab an image of certain animal and its sound. He sees some chickens, horses, goats, sheep and cows of our neighbors. I found that he can recognize the sound easily and he often imitates or mentions the sound of an animal rather than calls its name. For instance, he says "oink" for a pig, "neigh" for a horse, "moo" for a cow, etc.

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm does not only introduce the sounds of the animals on the farm but also how some animals feel like. Your toddler can touch it and feel the textures of the animals.

1. This toy is colorful, safe and very durable, especially for older toddlers who do not bite the fur or put the toy into their mouths. There are no little pieces or sharp edges to worry about.
2. This toy has a realistic sound.
3. The figures of animals are easy to handle.
4. The fur and the hair of the animals add more fun and it is good to be a tactile stimulation.

1. The hair of the animals is easily come out. It makes the toys are not really safe for little toddler who likes to put something in his mouth.
2. The on/off switch button is on the bottom of the toy. Your toddler may drag or push the toy across the floor and activate this button. He may get frustrated to turn it back on or off by himself.
3. The silo does come unattached very easily and it could it be annoying for you to keep fixing it.

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is a touch and feel toy with fur and hair. I believe that you have considered this matter before purchasing this toy. I suggest you to know the development stage of your toddler in terms of whether he still puts something in his mouth or not.
In addition, again, Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm toy has fur and hair. As a result, you may consider before purchasing one for a toddler with asthma and such allergic in order to avoid unexpected illness.

Below is another version of Little People Animal Sounds Farm. You may choose the one you like before purchasing it for your beloved toddler.