Tips for Your Tidy Toddlers

Toddlers usually can play many kinds of toys in one day. Because of their attention span, which is normal, toddlers tend to move from one toy to another. The problem appears when the span also raises the chance that toddlers will cast toys without putting them away to pick up another. After this happens, parents suddenly realize how messy the playroom is.

Here are 7 tips to avoid this problem will be presented. I will show you how to assist your toddlers to learn to pick up and clean up the toys after playing them:

1. Give rewards
You can give positive reinforcement as soon as your toddlers finished clean up the mess or whatever as a result of their acts.

2. Play hidden treasure
You can put a pouch of snacks / your toddlers’ favourite snacks in a hidden place, in this case, the proper place that they usually keep their toys like toy container. Then invite your toddlers to pick up the toys and put them in the container. After doing this, they will find the “hidden treasure.” This activity is fun and your toddler will be reinforced to do this activity regularly.

3. Provide some colorful containers
Toddlers love color and thus you should provide colorful containers in their playroom. Colorful containers will attract toddlers’ attention and thus encourage them to clean up their toys. You can also invite your toddlers to sort their stuffed animals or dolls from the activity books or crayons and then put them in different color container. On the next days, they will just continue to put them in the same place. Besides, you can also teach color while doing this.

4. Offer and choose lots of easy-to-access storage
Toddlers are interested in pulling and pushing the lid of the drawers. You can ask your toddlers to keep their toys in that drawer. Don’t put the drawer too high since your toddlers may get difficulties to reach and open the drawer and thus your toddlers become frustrated.

5. Set up a routine
Routine develops your toddlers’ habit. By picking up and cleaning up the toys regularly at certain time every day, your toddlers build their good habits. They will enjoy it and they won’t refuse it anymore. However, you need to know the sign of your toddlers of needing break. It would be better for you to give them a day off from their duties than force them to do so resulting in their refusal on the following days.

6. Don’t insist on perfection
You have a standard of being tidy. On the other hand, your toddlers aren’t that bothered. So you can arrange the rest of the house to be tidy but give your toddlers a little flexibility in their area.

7. Use distractionYou can challenge your toddlers to clean up as a race. For example you ask your toddlers to put as many toys as they can until you finish counting from one to ten or before a played song ends.