Fun Summer Toys for Toddlers

Fun summer toys are needed to make your toddler have summer fun. At this stage, toddler loves to explore their new abilities in walking, discovering new things around them, interacting with others, talking and counting. Toddler does it by imitating parents or adults around them. During summer toddler can do it both inside and outside. You can help your toddler learn new things by providing some toys which are appropriate for his age. There are outdoor toddler swing set and slide, cooking pretend play set, sandbox, climber, etc. Some toys I choose below are from Aqua Leisure, Little Tikes outdoor toys, Intex toys sports outdoor such as Jump o Lene Jump n Ggym, Fisher Price outdoor toys, Step2 toys, Radio Flyer and many more.

Based on astronomical definition, summer begins June 21, 2009. It means that tomorrow will be summer! So before it is getting too late, check a list of some fun summer toys for your toddlers below:

At last, always bring the sunscreen, water bottles and snacks when you go on outings. Enjoy your summer time!


corporate gifts said...

I would like to have a playground for my kids, do you have any idea how much it would cost me?

Some details would ne appresiated


francisca said...

Welcome back corporate gifts, there are some playgrounds you may choose. I put one in my post here "Fun Summer Toys for Toddlers: Clubhouse Swing Set." However, I will collect some data and hopefully publish it tomorrow. I hope you do not mind. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Toys are an integral part of a toddler’s world. Most of their play is centered, around the toys they possess and the imaginary world that they make up. Therefore it is very important to choose the right toys for toddlers

francisca said...

Dear Berchta, I do agree with you. Thanks for sharing.