Learn-Around Playground

This play center is definetely both educational yet full of fun. Dealing with this, your toddler will have many things to do; things to push, pull and move around that will develop motor skills. Toddlers will also learn colors, shapes, textures and first words. This playground is also very musical. Tug on the “Touch & Learn Textures” and hear one of three songs about bumpy, fuzzy and smooth textures. Slide the frog, Leap, and he sings the alphabet song. Play the “Number Rock Keyboard” and count along to five rock ’n’ roll songs. You see, from these activities your toddler soon or later will be able to mention alphabet and count numbers.

Toddlers love sending things down the slide. If it’s one of the balls from the playset, the “Smart Ball Drop” will say what color it is. The Learn-Around Playground is designed to grow with your child. There are things to do while sitting or standing, so it appeals to babies and toddlers. It also has two modes: Learn & Grow and Compose & Play. Here’s something else you should know — It’s very sturdy, and it doesn’t tip over like some other toys. This is fabulous. (Requires 3 AA batteries: manufacturer’s age: 6 months to 3 years.)

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