The six 2-piece clams in this set will make your bathtub or sand-and-water table come to life. Hidden inside each clam is a small fish, crab or starfish to help build children's memory skills. Made of soft mold-resistant plastic, each set comes with a convenient mesh storage bag.

This toddler toy gives a lot of fun and it has long durability. This toddler toy provides a great opportunity to talk about colors and animals inside the clams to your little ones. Other than that, the toy does offer a lot of opportunities for teaching, and the plastic is very hard. We've had the toy for well over a year, and there is no damage to any of the pieces. They enjoy playing color matching games with the shells and smaller creatures, or devising patterns, or taking the shell halves apart to match them with shells of other colors. There's something very satisfying about being able to put little toys inside big toys, out of sight. The included starfish and crabs aren't the only things that get hidden away! The clams get used as mermaid houses, as well.

Dr. Toy Best Vacation Products 2006
Finalist in Family Fun Magazine’s Toy of the Year Award

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