Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is designed to help encourage healthy development of babies who have the ability of holding their head up themselves but not yet walking or climbing out. Babies may experience an interactive play from any side since it can rotate 360 degrees and learn cause and effect as well. This stimulating interactive toy has a fun seat and toys at 5 locations on the platform hold babies while moving to any direction; an electronic musical toy at the front with lights to be activated by babies spinning a drum; and many animals and toys to explore. It promotes security and comfort too with soft spring covers which keep babies fingers safe from pinching, two soft leaves as an overhead canopy with plush toys which dangle down for fun and three-position height adjustment for a custom fit.


1. It has attractive colors with an interactive music making box which has volume controller.

2. It is portable and can stand on its own so that it can be set up anywhere.

3. It is safer than a jumper which hanging from the door and it takes up less room than another one with 4 support poles as the base.

4. It provides babies with fun activities and freedom of movement babies can choose either the view of the room or the toys they want to play, then enjoy and do themselves so that parents have more time to do something else.

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