Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends: Batman Bat Cave

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends: Batman Bat Cave provides an imaginext adventures to play by 36 months - 7 years old. The playset includes figures of Batman and Robin, batcycle, antenna, bathook, console, satellite dish with loading door which opens and closes, a working draw bridge with spinning feature, a jail with escape hatch and an elevator. Using an imagination, Batman gets a call from the Commissioner while Robin plays tricks which are not funny. Then Batman goes to the main floor using the elevator where the drawbridge at the entrance has been already lowered by Robin. Watch out! There is Penguin right outside. Batman should make a quick move to the side door to get the bat cycle. Then continue the story by your own imagination. To make the adventure more exciting and cooler, there are some additional Super Figures sold separately.

This great toy has good durability even they have been dumped into the water, dropped and knocked many times by toddlers.

Storage suggestion:
You may need a plastic bag to keep the small pieces which are easily got lost.

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