Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage provides an exciting introduction to music for six months babies and up. With a large picture mirror framed by blinking lights and cartoon babies, babies and toddlers are able to play and interact with it, enjoy singing, dancing, moving and discovering themselves. There are two modes of interactive play to choose. In Mode 1, babies and toddlers can hear songs by activating one of four instruments, i.e. a drum, mini xylophone, trombone and guitar. In Mode 2, the toy encourages babies and toddlers to build a song or make their own composition and shake the magical microphone for musical sounds and a dazzling light show.

1. Babies and toddlers can learn more about cause and effect by pressing different buttons, and which button makes which sound.
2. The toy is safe to play since the wide legs prevent tipping even when babies and toddlers pull up on it to stand.
3. The toy comes with lyric cards so as babies and toddlers get older, they are able to learn to sing along with parents, too.
4. The toy also says several fun phrases, as well as the sound of cheering and applause, making babies and toddlers want to dance or sing along more and more.
5. The toy shuts off by itself. It has a volume control.

1. The mirror gets scratches easily even when being cleaned with paper towel and water.
2. The toy requires just a little bit of adult assembly, which is where we encountered our only problem: the legs need to be screwed on to the toy to allow it to stand, but the holes for the included screws were not sized properly. This made it difficult for us to manually tighten the screws satisfactorily. However, the toy was still able to stand sturdily for safe play.

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