Fisher-Price Elmo Live

Fisher-Price Elmo Live is the latest version of Elmo with an interactive style and his various actions like singing, talking, telling jokes, dancing, using gestures and a lot more. It is so life-like it keeps the kids and adults amazed. To make him telling a story, your kids simply press Elmo’s foot then he will sit on the stool and start story telling. Your kids also can ask him to dance by squeezing his hand. It really makes him as an interactive fun toy for kids from 18 months and up.

1. Elmo live is well designed.
2. He does various actions, i.e. he sings, tells story and jokes, dances, has good manner.
3. He needs to be squeezed in some parts to activate him doing several things.
4. He has a unique personification as if he really lives, i.e. asking for help when he falls and say thank you when your kids help him.
5. His actions especially with his gestures make him interactive and fun.
6. The battery- safe mode helps a lot when your kids leave it or fall asleep.

1. Elmo uses batteries which need to be replaced later many times.
2. The body looks soft while actually it is not since there is not any cushion separated the mechanical body from the furry cover.
3. There is no volume control and it has loud noise which can be annoying.
4. The red furry is too thin and flimsy.
5. He is able to have repetition which can make older toddlers slowly being insane.

It would be better if Elmo Live is made more flexible in terms of adding more programs. That will make Elmo more interactive and long lasting.

Click here for Fisher-Price Elmo Live.