Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is fun, creative, inspiring and durable. It is designed with bright colors and made with rounded soft corners so that a baby can easily hold it safely. It provides babies, toddlers and kids chance to create original music from 5 different instruments, such as piano, flute, French horn, harp and violin; and simply play music from eight Mozart compositions by switching the buttons. It also keep toddlers occupied for quite long time learning the name of each instrument and know how they each sound both individually and in an orchestra. It is fun to watch the lights flash when the music plays. The best thing is that this toy wins award and gives perfect musical foundation for little ones.

1. It is durable though has been kicked, knocked out the car window, licked and dropped.
2. Although this toy needs batteries, they seem to last a very long time.

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