Toddler and His First Building Blocks Experience

One great gift for your toddler is a set of building blocks. After you give a set of toddler building blocks to your toddler, it will be the first experience for him in building something using his own imagination and creativity. By playing the toddler building blocks, he can make his own choice of what he will build, how tall the building is, how the building looks like and how to build it. He is free to built anything.
In general, most of toddlers will make some towers of blocks since they put one block on and on till the building ruin. Amazingly, they just feel okay and laugh at it and then build the same building blocks and so on and so forth. They try to understand how one block can connect with another. They feel happier when we join them laughing together. Some of toddlers also love to tell what they have built, how they built, for whom they built, etc based on their imagination. Once you asked about their buildings, they would be excited to tell you repeatedly. They feel proud of what they have built. For some other toddlers, your guide in building maybe needed. So, don’t hesitate to help them when they find difficulties in connecting the blocks or building. Furthermore, building blocks are fantastic toys for encouraging hand and eye coordination, as well as a sense of balance. To add more fun, you can let your toddlers to roll the ball into a tower of blocks they built so it will knock them down, then your toddler can restack them.
By playing building blocks as great educational toddler and kid toys, your toddlers will have opportunity to develop their creativity, imagination and coordination of hands and eyes especially during their formative years. As parents, we will never know what they will be in the future, but we have awareness to provide the best educational toys to support their growth. Who knows your toddler will be the well-known architect around the world in the future.