A Guide in Introducing Toddler Toys

A baby birth is an occasion that is most eagerly awaited by couples. When the time comes, new parents are always eager to show their pride, happiness and gratitude. A special celebration party is held to give every body the opportunity to see the new baby born. There is so a great deal outpouring of feel affection and well wishes from guests.

As time goes by, the baptism day arrives followed by the first birthday party. In occasions such as these, the new parents and their infant are overwhelmed with so many gifts and presents such as clothes, a crib, strollers, blankets, many kinds of infant accessories including baby jewelleries.

Surely, there will be a lot of questions due to these gifts, especially for new parents. Which toy will be the best for the infant? Which toy can be given first? Which toy may be harmful? How should they set up the room for their baby? What time is the best occasion to bring in an exact type of toy? Parents should know, at this phase, that their toddler learns to explore everything like colors, shapes, tastes and many more. A toddler can test his physical strength and try to obtain and control or operate anything within his reach.

Realizing this fact, new parents should not only choose safe and entertaining toys but also the educational ones for their toddler. Parents cannot spend the whole time for playing with their toddler so the best method to make the most of learning is to bring in toddler educational toys.

Parents can guide the toddler to walk and run to what catches his fancy. This can be the furniture, the stairs, pets, tricycle or some flowers in the garden. As he tries to scrawl and plays with pens and crayons, give him writing pads will stimulate him to write. Push and pull toys are the favored companions of toddlers as they move from place to place.

As the verbal communication skills expand, parents can enhance their toddler’s vocabulary by pointing the names and the functions of things around him. Parents can take their toddler to a place such as kitchen, bedroom, garage, any kinds in the house and help their toddler to sort things out according to shapes and colors. This activity will educate him to know the relationship of one thing to a set or to another toy.

Socially, the toddler also imitates an older playmate or sibling or even an adult. Being aware of the words spoken around the toddler definitely is an excellent training for the toddler to learn good values. A positive approach also promotes him to try things further and achieve the tasks he is set to do.

Bringing in the appropriate toy intended for a toddler gives him a sense of achievement. It is therefore unwise for the parents to get all the toys at the same time and let the toddler find out the fun by himself.

Chances are he will get discouraged when faced with complex toys way beyond his skills. Make the toddlers learning experience enjoyable and meaningful.

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