Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio is a unisex toy played by 4-7 years old. Your kids may enjoy creative play for hours with 85 built-in projects using your PC at home. Those projects include coloring pages, connect-the-dot-games, greeting cards, flying airplanes, jumping frogs and party hats. Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio is designed to entertain your children and develop their creativity with a safe and easy-to-operate digital activity program. Your kid can use a stylus provided as a crayon, stamper, pencil tool, etc and the stylus will help him improve his hand-eye coordination as well.

1. I love the password-protected controls available in this toy so that my files are safe and I can leave my kid without any doubt.
2. With so many features, your kid can explore a lot of things. It avoids your kid from getting bored.
3. The coloring is great, hope it works for your kid, too.
4. Your kid's hand-eye coordination will be improved by controlling the stylus.
5. The instructions are not only can be read on the screen but also spoken so that it helps young kid who cannot read yet. Besides, the buttons are friendly to use with reasonably clear purposes.

1. Your kid may need time and patience before he is able to control the stylus easily especially for connecting the dot game. It is like the time when we try to use a mouse for the first time, I guess.
2. I do not think it is needed to always print any project before I quit. However, before I quit, there is a question whether I want to print and finish or not exit. So, you may keep your printer off to avoid it from printing. One good thing is that there is limitation of the amount of printing pages.
3. There is color rainbow which is not so flexible. When it is set in the rainbow, your toddler may pick the wrong color easily and it ends up with the wrong color.
4. There are some projects which do not have an exit button. To quit, you can press the home button on the tablet and there will be the print and exit option.

To watch the demo on a video, click here.

After all, this toy is fun and lovable for your kids who love computer coloring and crafts, play with their own pictures and draw on them. It helps young kids to pick up a pencil properly too.