Do your toddlers love watching the Wonder Pets, an American animated children' TV series? Well, the Wonder Pets toys can accompany your toddler to play pretend at home. Like what they watch on TV, they can pretend to be 3 wonder pets save 3 baby animals. It can be played alone, together with friends or parents. So it will be a great role play with The Wonder Pets.

In Fisher Price The Wonder Pets Schoolhouse Adventure Playset, toddlers love to push the phone and hear the voice of the characters. Unfortunately in spite of the fact that the tunnel, the tree and the flag pole are removable, some toddlers found that they come off easily. It lessens their enjoyment in playing this set of toy. You may need some glue to put under the flag pole and the tree to keep them on the same place.

The figure of each the Fisher Price Wonder Pets is different so your toddler cannot put bigger figure in flyboat of another Wonder Pets toy set. For short, the figure and toys of the first set is only fit with the ones came with this set. It may not rise a problem for toddlers who never play Little People series which can be played in any set of Little People. However, to avoid your toddler frustration, you need to explain to your toddler about different size of each toy set.

Talking about colors, this toy set of my friend had unexpected color combination. For example, the color of green and the birds on the tree are green. In my opinion, it does not really support the learning process for your toddlers who in general love various colors.