Toddler Crocs Sandals: Trendz Still Sandals 2009

Have you found or had one of these toddler crocs sandals?

Toddler crocs sandals with several characters like Dora, Batman, Spiderman, McQueen, Wall-E, SpongeBob, Ariel, etc are perfect outwear for toddlers. Toddler crocs sandals are comfortable, affordable and meet the daycare guidelines of closed toe shoes. Any toddler will love to wear them to the beach. One good news is that toddler crocs sandals offer a great price, too!

However, as always, a product including toddler crocs sandals has pro and cons based on user experiences. Below are some of them:

- My niece loves Dora Crocs while my son loves Spiderman Crocs
- My niece, son and many more toddlers enjoy wear toddler crocs sandals because they are comfortable and easy to get on and off by toddler even for the first time they try to do so.
- Toddler crocs sandals are easy to clean when they are dirty.
- Toddler crocs sandals are the same quality and have a little pattern design to them.
- Toddler crocs sandals are closed toe so no problems with foot stubbing everywhere
- Mostly crocs design has the heel hook or back strap which can be flipped forward so they are more like sandals
- The material is actually anti-bacterial. So the good thing is that toddler crocs sandals are not made of the old plastic but rather from a fairly modern material which inhibits the growth of bacteria (this is an important fact that a lot of people hasn't known).
- My toddler loves them and has no problem running & jumping with these shoes on eventhough the back strap is a bit large and rigid.
- Toddler crocs sandals are soft, comfortable, lightweight, superior-gripping, non-marking and odor-resistant sandals.

- Toddler crocs sandals may offer a little higher price but Crocs has several patents on these as far as I know.
- Toddler crocs sandals are not available in half sizes. However, it happens to other sandals or shoes too. I believe you can buy a bit bigger ones for longer use.

In conclusion, toddler crocs sandals are a great pair of sandals for toddlers especially in the summer and in winter they're pretty versatile with a good pair of socks for inside wear.

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