Tips to Make Your Toddler Enjoy the Bath Time

Do you need some tips to make your toddler enjoy the bath time? During infant, a bath time is very relaxed and soothed for both parents and babies. He has not made a strong movement. Only his eyes look around and there is almost no blink at all. As the time goes by, he grows stronger to make some simple movement like splashing and playing around in his bath. When your toddler becomes bigger and older, he may get bored of only playing the water. Toys can help you to make your toddler enjoy his bath time though some toddlers are scared of getting their face wet and / or having their hair washed. The most important thing is that pleasant bath time can make your toddler enjoys bathing. Though not all parents are lucky to have their toddlers that don't mind bathing, do not worry since you may have a try on some bath time games below:

1. Provide your toddler with a basket filled with bath toys, e.g. rubber ducks, plastic animals, plastic toys of his favorite characters like Dora, SongeBob Squarepants, Yo Gabba Gabba, etc. Click here for Munchkin Dora the Explorer Bath Squirters or Yo Gabba Gabba Bath Buddies.

2. Bring one or two small bath toys that already frozen in a plastic cup of water and see the melting ice. If you mind to freeze the toys, you can just take some cube ice and do the same thing.

3. Put in some drops of food coloring or Crayola Color Bath Dropz to the water to have a colorful and fun bath. Later on he can choose and negotiate the color he likes each bath time.

4. Get a shower pump for the bath. As your toddler pushes the pump, bath water is sucked up and pumped out of the shower head.

5. Soft sponge can be used to teach your toddler part of his body as you wash that part of his body. Besides, by using sponge, you can show it floating. To attract more attention from your toddler, you can use C-3 Magic Capsules that can turn into a soft, foam shape. Each capsules has its own shape.That must give your toddler some more fun. As an alternative, you can use a small washer to name each part as you do.

6. Almost all infants and toddlers are afraid of having water splashed on their faces. You may try to take your toddler in the shower with you occasionally to make him get used to with water. As an alternative, You can use i-play Bathtime Shower to add more fun. It will make washing his hair and swimming easier later in his life. However, if your toddler is still afraid of doing it, you may let him wear goggles to avoid shampoo getting in his eyes.

7. Put a number of small bath toys in the water and give your child a net to catch them with. Click here for Alex Bugs in the Tub or Munchkin Gone Fishin Bath Toy Set.

8. Pouring water out of a plastic cup or bowl from a height can keep your toddler fun during bath time till end. I sometimes do this to make my toddler enjoy his short bath time. I pretend to make a waterfall for him. Just have a try.

9. Blowing bubbles in the water using a straw can be one of fun activity your toddler might really enjoy. Otherwise, you can provide him with soapy water and blow it through some round hollow things to make some different bubbles.

10. Your toddler can experiment with music and learn to play songs by playing Alex Toys Water Trumpet during bath time. This working musical trumpet can be tuned with water to create a variety of sounds.

11. In the last part of the bath give your baby to a cup and teach him to fill a bucket with water. After he finished bath and wear his cloth, ask him to go outside and water the garden with the bucket of water. It is a good example of reusing the water which might set in your toddler’s mind.