Why Not Wooden Toddler Toys?

Some simple but complicated and wellknown wooden toddler toys we know so far are blocks and puzzles. Though some blocks and puzzles are not made of wood nowadays, we still keep the wood ones in our mind. Maybe wooden blocks we played in our childhood had been played by our parents long time before. It proves how sturdy wooden toys are, like heritages, they can be taken over to the next generation.

In recent days, we are able to find wooden toys still. It is great to have some alternative toys for your toddler inspite of the fact that there are a lot of toys made of plastic, cotton, or any synthetic materials which sometimes are not well-made. Sometimes I found one with sharp edge and not well-cut that is harmful for your toddler. In addition, wooden toys are products with impressive art, handmade, high durability, and finest material. The carpenter makes them so smooth with rounded edge that will not hurt your toddler.

Toddlers and everyone, I guess, love playing wooden toys in different varieties and for different purposes. Toddlers use wooden toys made for their ages with low level of difficulties. There are some games and puzzles with each level of difficulties. Some others made for educational purposes, for developing imagination, for pretending play, for party favours and commercial one.

Worry about the limited choice? There are some wooden toys we can find out in stores or on-line stores. They are

Wooden First Vehicles
Wooden Building Blocks
Wooden Railway Set
Wooden Farm Puzzle
Wooden Tiny Trike
Wooden Dollhouse
Wooden Baby Walker
Wooden Stick Pony w/Sound
Wooden Railway Set
Wooden Stacking Train
Wooden ABC Blocks

So actually there is no reason to throw away wooden toys out of our mind moreover if they reveal our toddlers’ creativity. As an alternative, you may find some other toys at GlammaTOYS.