U Command Wall-E: An Interesting Fun Toy from Disney

U Command Wall-E can be brought to life with animated movements, voice, sound, and light effects as you maneuver this toy forward, turn in reverse or have this toy dance by using the included wireless infrared remote control. Your toddler can send instant orders or pre-programmed action with the 1000 action combos and U Command Wall-E will carry out the command. Besides, joystick is available too for easy movement.

Realistic eye motion with light up effects, articulated hands, moving head and arms and turning treads make U Command Wall-E your favorite robotic buddy. Easy to use IR controller includes button for signature Wall-E expressions. Action packed U-Command Wall-E with realistic expressions, light-up eyes, original movie voice and sound effects really provides kids of 6 - 10 years tons of interactive fun. U-Command Wall-E is so realistic that this toy will light up your life with lifelike expressions.

Click here to watch the demo of this toy.

1. In the package, the U-Command Wall-E looks great, and for the MSRP it's a good deal too.
2. U-Command Wall-E is a great deal of fun to play with. This toy has an amazing expressive quality, holding true to the wall-e which we fell in love with at the theater. This toy has a very amusing dance sequence. Moreover, I really enjoy the voice, it is Wall-E's real voice. This toy talks just like in the movie and has the markings too.
3. In my experience, U-Command Wall-E also runs quite well on our carpet and tile, even over the little raised border between the rooms with ease. This toy may fall when it hits your foot, a shoe, or some other low obstruction. Even this toy can be controlled to chase your cat, too. ;) The movements of this toy are pretty fluid too and I like the fact the treads actually move.
4. U-Command Wall-E is very comical, well built and durable.

1. For some people, they face an experience that U Command Wall-E is very unstable, which means that unless you are running this toy on a perfectly flat, smooth surface with absolutely no obstructions around him, this toy will spend most of his time on its back like a flailing turtle. This is true even on very short pile commercial carpeting. In addition, since this uses an infrared remote control, the R/C features generally only work if you are pointing the control directly at the U-Command Wall-E. Most kids will not expect or understand this limitation, which may lead to frustration during play.
2. Some people find it difficult to control this toy using the remote. You may face the same problem too. For example, you cannot really pick what this toy is going to say or pick its "expressions" (one command button for all voice options, one command button for all eye expressions, etc.); Its arms and head movements cannot be remote controlled; This toy does not move backward and only turns one direction. This toy is a bit difficult to control (and, yes, tips over easily). We hope there will be more ease in the future product.

1. I still think it is one of the best Wall-E toys made, simply because this toy offers so many features for the price. And, with a little creative inginuity, you can solve the problem by attaching a small stabilizer to U Command Wall-E's back that will prevent it from falling over while this toy is dancing, turning, reversing direction, or contending with an obstruction in its path. Once you have overcome that issue, this is will almost certainly become one of your favorite Wall-E toys.
2. Another way to make it more stable on carpeting, you may remove the inner wheels and replaced them with the plastic tabbing that came with the package where the ties were held (long black plastic things with holes in it).

Click here for U Command Wall-E.


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