What’s Your Christmas Gift Idea for Toddlers?

Christmas with a Christmas gift idea brings happiness and fun for toddlers and kids around the world. They wait for arrival of Christmas eagerly because they expect lots of gifts which
are full of excitement and fascinating. Toddlers may have their own expectation about the sort of gifts they will get during Christmas. In order to find the best Christmas gift idea, you need pay attention and spend more time to find the interest of your toddlers. Some toddlers may get Christmas gift idea when they watch commercials on television or at a mall. So how do you choose which holiday gifts your toddlers are going to love when they keep changing their list of gifts? You can ask your toddlers to let you know their Christmas list of gifts then just go over the list and pick some gifts which will give positive learning and enjoyment for your toddlers. One thing should put in mind is avoid buying any gift with negative influences or an implication of
violence like what present in some video games or movies.

Toddlers love toys and they usually get many toys as their holiday gifts. You can buy something related to their hobbies which can developtheir creativity development, promote healthy competition and sharingduring the holiday season. You can find a large range of giftsavailable for toddlers based on age recommendations. Besides you canbuy plush Christmas toys, Christmas puzzles and Christmas games wrappedthem up in wrapping paper with Christmas cards inside.

Besides toys, you can also buy toddler Christmas dresses, a book of Christmas parable, jewelry like necklace, wrist band, ring with Christmas theme on it, LDS Puzzle Pals, or even Christmas activity books. Another thing to make a Christmas gift more special is by making it more personalize. You can put the name of your toddlers on the holiday gifts and that will be unforgettable gifts for your toddlers.

The best of all of Christmas gift idea is give your unconditional love to find the right holiday gifts for your toddlers. It would be better to start shopping both online and offline for the holiday gifts early. It gives you more time to select suitable gifts for your toddlers and more flexibility in manage the budget so that you can collect the best gifts for your toddlers and everyone you will give in time.

Look for another unique Christmas gift idea that did not cost a lot? Then it is time to be creative and unique. You may try to make homemade Christmas gifts like fridge magnets with photo of your toddlers stick on it; bubble bath; bath salts; brownie mixes; holiday stockings; scrapbook of photos; a basket of fancy chocolate bars which is tied beautifully with colorful ribbons; dress up box with the name of your toddlers stick on it; etc. The best gifts are not always the ones you buy, but ones you make yourself by hand if you have time, of course.

Merry Christmas!

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Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X

One great toy as a holiday gift you can buy for your kids is Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X. As Ben-10-lovers, your kids can pretend to be Ben and follow their imagination. This toy is durable, lightweight filled with various lights and sound effects and it looks more or less like the Omnitrix in the show. It provides imaginary play and promotes their thinking skills development. It is interesting to watch kids playing with an electronic gadget and having physical activity as well. Seeing the aliens appearing and pretending to be them is a perfect match for building their imagination.

All 10 heroes that Ben are able to change into is on the dial. A green light withinlight up so that your kids can see each figure. Besides, your kids will love the realistic sounds this omnitrix makes though they get the same sound set for every single figure of alien they dial to. To get the figure of alien they want, your kids simply need to turn the dial. Now push the dial down until it clicks and look out... Greening flash across the wristband when the sounds blast and the figure your kids choose or Ben will change into Fourarms, Ghost Freak, Heatblast, or some other rest characters, and your kids are ready to fight Vilgax the evil.

As soon as your kids are ready to change into another figure, simply push the button, then the red light flashes. A different sound effect will be heard together with the coming up figure on the dial and then your kids now are able to select another figure as they want to be. The lights will stay lit a little while and finally shut down again with a unique sound.

One thing makes some buyer disappointed is the wrist strap especially for small wrist. It's hard for some parents to get a good grip to insert the pegs. You may cut off a couple of the tabs that stick up in to make it fit better hopefully since the band is not very adjustable.

Overall, this toy definitely recommended for Ben 10 fans.

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Best Selling Christmas Toys 2008

Christmas is getting closer and closer and best selling Christmas toys are waiting to buy. Have you got the holiday gift idea for everyone? Are you doubt still to find out the best selling Christmas toys? Below are the predicted best selling Christmas toys compiled from some sites:

For Girls:
1. My Scene Barbie Doll Roller Girls Retro Glam on Wheels - MadisonMost of the girls are fond of Barbie. This one does not tip overeasily. Moreover, she goes very well, even on a plush rug. She can split, forward and backward and turn too. It can be played by 4 to 6years old even above.

Click here for My Scene Barbie Doll Roller Girls Retro Glam on Wheels - Madison.

2. Mattel Barbie As The Island Princess Princess Rosella Doll
Girls around the world will love this graceful and durable Barbie doll in cute gown with very clear and beautiful voice. The best thing is that the cloth is so pretty and girly unlike other previous clothes of Barbie which are too grown-up looking and too revealing to see and playevery day. It can be played by 3 to 8 years old.

Buying tips:
- Check whether panda sings when Barbie holds it in her arm.
- Make sure that the tail feathers are well attached.

Click here for Mattel Barbie As The Island Princess Princess Rosella Doll.

3. Vtech - Kidizoom Digital Camera - PinkThis camera has some more interesting features compared to other product. It can be hooked into a television so that we need no computer; it has the ability to record voices while taking photos and videos; and it has some special effects (adding hats and borders to the pictures), video capability and games. It has larger and softer buttons to push even for toddlers. Although it is not best in resolution, you can put a memory card and take 2 mega pixel photos that would be greatfor kid camera. It can be used by 3 years old and up girls and boys.

Buying tips:
Before buying one for your children who have used the real digital camera, you need to consider the limitation in resolution and quality of the picture. Your children might think that the camera is broken.

Click here for Vtech - Kidizoom Digital Camera - Pink.

4. My Little Pony Ponyville Teapot Palace PlaysetThis playset is highly appealing, hardwearing, and versatile toy. It is lovable as well with the mailbox and little letter inside so your children can put letters in the box and pretend that the pony has mail then read them. There is a flashing twirling dance floor, a piano that plays music when you hit, it folds out, you can open it up or pack it all away, and best of all it fits in with the other Ponyville stuff. They are all slightly offbeat odd shaped houses and full of lovely little extras to be discovered by the kids. It is interesting to play by 4-8 years old girls.

Buying tips:
Getting these toys out of the box is time consuming. So just put everything back in the box so when opened it is ready to be played with.

Storage tips:
Put the pieces in a small bag and put it inside the toy so that the small pieces will not fall out of the toy when closed.

Click here for My Little Pony Ponyville Teapot Palace Playset.

5. Hasbro Playskool Dream Town Rose Petal CottageThis cottage is simple yet very similar to a doll house type structure and it has amazing details, e.g. the curtains as well as the door open and shut and the oven has working knobs. The only thing I would change about it is to find a way to attach the two pieces together. When my

daughter sits up against the wall and leans back, it tips over with her in it. It would be a little more stable if they attached some how, but it is still a wonderful, adorable little playhouse. Now we just need to get all of the accessories! It can be fun for 3 years and up girls.

Click here for Hasbro Playskool Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage.

For Boys:
1. Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime

This toy is great and looks nice both as a robot and a truck captured accurately from the film. The robot mode has good detail with many articulation points. While as a truck, it has very sturdy construction and very good rubber tires. The transformation works well though it is
a bit difficult. Besides, it gives a lot of fun with the electronic horns and flashy lights that come from safely detachable ion cannon fires. It can be played by 5-12 years old boys.

Click here for Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime.

2. LEGO Mindstorms NXT

It is a new released ground breaking product from LEGO. It can be a great way for anyone to get into robotics with no tools, not even a screwdriver. Everything is built using LEGO blocks which are different from ones that you might be used to. They are not the studded ones that snap together. These are Technique blocks (“stud less LEGOs”), which create a more human, not look boxy. It has a central computer called brick with ports to connect to cool four sensors and three servo motors you can control using your own programs. The brick can be connected to a computer using USB or Bluetooth. It has It can be played by 10 – 18 years old boys even adult.

Click here for LEGO Mindstorms NXT.

3. Mattel Disney Pixars Cars Mack Truck Playset

This playset has a good appeal with the detail Mattel put on this toy and it has proven sturdy though children may play with it fairly rough. However, you need to pay attention on the fragile interior. The good thing is that it can be opened or combined easily if your child has had a Lightning McQueen before. Anyway, you can help your children to explain the functions and the instructions what the stuff s inside do. By playing this toy, your children may develop their imagination creating scenarios playing with this and other Cars playset. It can be played by 4-8 years old.

Click here for Mattel Disney Pixars Cars Mack Truck Playset.

4. Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit

This kit is provided with high quality components with clear and deep manual and guides. It gives interesting solar energy and fuel cell experiments as an alternative fuels and transportation. In general it has high quality components except the rubber wheels which are easily come off. It can be played by 12 years and up boys.

Click here for Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit.

5. Monopoly Disney Pixar Edition

Monopoly has been famous for so many years. This one is great to pick as one of your collections. Some parents say that their children learn more about counting and money by playing this game than studying at school. This monopoly has great board characters you love from Disney
Pixar, different playing pieces, property names, houses and hotels, etc. This unisex game is fun and exciting to play by 8 years and up.

Buying tips:
Make sure you do not pick another edition with description “fully customized” since they may change only rename the items and recolor but do not really make new shapes of the houses and hotels.

Click here for Monopoly Disney Pixar Edition.

Merry Christmas!

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The Fisher Price Smart Cycle: A Smart Learning Tool

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle mixes the entertaining indoor action of video game playing with the physical activity the wonderful open air will provide you. Only because it is snowing, raining or otherwise stormy outside, that does not imply that your kid can not have the physical exercise she wants. Intended for children from 3 to 6, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle "physical learning arcade system" comprises a complete stationary bicycle, video game soothe, and educational instrument. Your kid will work out her mind and body -- and experience tons of pleasure in the action.

Turn on the television and set up your vehicle!
The Fisher Price Smart Cycle connects directly into your videocassette recorder or television and Fisher Price Smart Cycle does not require a split game system. Just link the Fisher Price Smart Cycle to the input jacks of your television, put in the enclosed game cartridge "key," and your kid can begin both riding the bicycle and learning at once! Your kid pedals the bicycle to maintain the game moving and directs it with the manageable handlebars. A user-friendly, large and comfortable bright buttons and placed joy stick run the games and learning tools as well.

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle goes with a "learning adventure," that your kid steers a car by pedaling the bicycle and moving the handlebars. She is able to splatter through the mud puddles then choose unsafe corners while she attempts to capture letters along the touring. She'll find out to keep going pedaling to maintain making a motion, when simultaneously acquiring her ABC's!

Versatility contributes to the Amusement
The Fisher Price Smart Cycle admits a game cartridge which includes a lot of playfulness and educational journey that will retain your kid merrily amused. A journey to "Math mount" in the Fisher Price Smart Cycle is going to assist her exercise her numbers, whereas an adventure-filled trek to "Shape Lake" is going to lead her into a broad display of another shapes. Furthermore, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle admits a stimulating a game of car racing too which can be played by two children together at the same time, whilst a "productive journal" allows your kid make snapshots and paintings of her global journeys.

The amusement does not have to terminate while your kid completes her exercise in playing the Fisher Price Smart Cycle: she could take a break and take a breather, and keep on the playfulness and studying through using the bicycle buttons and joy stick in order to find the way through several other journeys and games. The most beneficial totally, numerous alternative game cartridges which are able to be operated with the Fisher Price Smart Cycle (should be purchased separately) will retain your kid continually pleased, together with some other games which present favorite characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Hot Wheels cars, Dora the Explorer and Barbie.

With height-modifiable seat and its extended display of games, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle is intended to develop with your kid. Therefore all at once as your kid develops both intellectually and physically, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle also will develop together with her.

The Ultimate Test Drive
We determined the Fisher Price Smart Cycle comfortable to put together and very easy to set up with our television set. All we considered necessary for construction was a Phillips screwdriver and 4 "D" batteries (excluded). As far as your TV or VCR is outfitted with the yellow, red and white RCA jacks to plug in the Fisher Price Smart Cycle, you are ready to start. We only linked the enclosed plugs to the jacks of TV, switched the television on, and we were ready and waiting for hours of pleasure. When the game of the Fisher Price Smart Cycle began, the bicycle looked comfortable enough to control, making it not easily put your kid get annoyed and furthermore, it would not presently get uninteresting. With the supplemental alternative game cartridges, we think the Fisher Price Smart Cycle assures becoming a long-term source of amusement.

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle comes up with an easy to understand operating instructions, and the process of assemble simply needed a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, one and only minor delay we have was that we required the paper operating instructions at hand to be familiar with the way to play the video game; we obtained some factors of the games to be closely unacceptable to comprehend without the directions. An illogical set of online directions is intended for kids to understand, without the demand to look up a paper manual, would bring a close to-ideal play experience for kid and parent as well. Besides, though the seat provides four height stages, the height of the handlebars cannot be changed, which might deliver a trouble for some littler kids.

• Offers an indoor physical exercise especially for young kids
• Configured to develop with your kid intellectual and physical growth
• Assists build up your kid motor abilities
• Easy to set up and operate
• Admits various entertaining and amusing educational games

• The directions to some of the games are hard to understand
. The handlebars of the cycle are not height adjustable

Click here for Fisher-Price Smart Cycle.

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