Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X

One great toy as a holiday gift you can buy for your kids is Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X. As Ben-10-lovers, your kids can pretend to be Ben and follow their imagination. This toy is durable, lightweight filled with various lights and sound effects and it looks more or less like the Omnitrix in the show. It provides imaginary play and promotes their thinking skills development. It is interesting to watch kids playing with an electronic gadget and having physical activity as well. Seeing the aliens appearing and pretending to be them is a perfect match for building their imagination.

All 10 heroes that Ben are able to change into is on the dial. A green light withinlight up so that your kids can see each figure. Besides, your kids will love the realistic sounds this omnitrix makes though they get the same sound set for every single figure of alien they dial to. To get the figure of alien they want, your kids simply need to turn the dial. Now push the dial down until it clicks and look out... Greening flash across the wristband when the sounds blast and the figure your kids choose or Ben will change into Fourarms, Ghost Freak, Heatblast, or some other rest characters, and your kids are ready to fight Vilgax the evil.

As soon as your kids are ready to change into another figure, simply push the button, then the red light flashes. A different sound effect will be heard together with the coming up figure on the dial and then your kids now are able to select another figure as they want to be. The lights will stay lit a little while and finally shut down again with a unique sound.

One thing makes some buyer disappointed is the wrist strap especially for small wrist. It's hard for some parents to get a good grip to insert the pegs. You may cut off a couple of the tabs that stick up in to make it fit better hopefully since the band is not very adjustable.

Overall, this toy definitely recommended for Ben 10 fans.

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