MATCHBOX Rocky the Robot Truck - Deluxe Rocky is a very attractive truck though it looks like a common truck. Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck completed with some programs, sound and flashlight can be a great playmate for your toddler from 3 years and above. This truck can talk, move around, tell pleasant words and jokes, dance and snore when it sleeps as well as change shapes.

Matchbox Rocky made of strong plastic does everything you see in the commercial. After switching the button on the back in play mode, the truck says, "Rocky reporting for duty." This is a sign of Rocky telling that your kid has been activated him.

The shape of Matchbox Rocky can be changed by tilting his smoke stack forward to make him lay on his wheels or tilting him back to make him stand up.

Your toddler may put something on his back and then dump it. Sometimes your toddler can heard Rocky says, "Shake whay your momma gave ya!"
Besides, Matchbox Rocky is programmed to give comments on the loaded things. Your toddler may hear, "whoa, that's heavy!" or "this is an easy one." Your toddler may see Rocky talks as seen in the video:

video dumping a load:

Your toddler may look interestingly Rocky dances like in the video below:

Though Rocky is a machine, but he still needs a rest. When your toddler do not play with Rocky for several minutes, he goes to
sleep mode. Rocky sometimes snore during his sleep.

video snoring

Matchbox Rocky is better played indoor and avoided from sand and water.

The price seems to be worth it. Unfortunately, Matchbox Deluxe Rocky the Robot Truck was not available when I was a kid.