Tips for Shy Toddlers

Do you have a shy toddler who always clings to your legs? Here are some tips we can share to help you encourage him to overcome his shyness and make him to be more social and outgoing:

Give him some time to get to know new surrounding and situation
Since toddlers always have something new to know and experience, this will be a bit difficult for shy toddlers to overcome. He might be worry, afraid, shy but curios as well. You as his parent can give support and encouragement by giving him some time to learn, try, mingle with and grow in his new environment. It mostly happens on the toddler’s first time in daycare / preschool, a play date or even being around family members he never or seldom meets.

Give positive encouragement than criticism
Every one is unique. Being shy is also one of uniqueness one has. Though it is a matter of personality trait, you as parent can help him to lessen this. You can let him know that we are all unique human beings who should be loved and accepted as we are. And please always keep in your mind not to compare him with somebody else. Anyway, we can choose not to be too shy since we need to mingle with somebody else. We cannot live alone. By the time goes by, he will get this idea and hopefully won’t be too shy anymore.

Help him to be confident
Some toddlers are shy because they are lack of confident. It might happen because they are not sure if they do something correctly and they are afraid of thier parents’ reaction. For example, your toddler colors the sky green, the flower black, the leaves purple, etc based on his imagination or favorite color at that time. You as parents can give him credit for his work.

The most important of all you can do for him is that you show your love, understanding, positive thinking and encouragement. You can share your problem with your parents too or any other relatives you trust, especially if you yourself were shy too. They must have solution and suggestion for you based on their experiences.