Quad Pushchair for Your Babies and Toddlers

Quad Pushchair is one of three kinds of pushable vehicles you may choose to carry up to four babies. Quad Pushchair is a type of pushchair or also known as a stroller or buggy has babies in sitting position, facing forwards. It will be perfect for twins, triplets, quads, siblings or growing family. It can transport children from 6 months to 3 years old.

Each of four seats of the quad pushchair has padded liners. Besides, quad pushchair comes altogether with two large shopping baskets and the rain canopy level with dual viewing windows. The two seats in the front have fixed position on a slight lean back and the other two seats at the back have 3 kinds of lying position. The dust cap annexed and is easily removable and the quad pushchair with four viewing windows enables you to keep an eye on children inside. The hood unit comes in one piece with two adjustable front and two rear hoods that cover the security of the two seats around a cozy environment that helps protect against rain and wind. The overarching style buggy is folded for easy transportation and storage.

When the quad pushchair is fully open, it is still amazingly compact just 80cm long and 88cm wide. Overall, quad pushchair is a great value. Quad pushchair is a compact buggy proper for up to four children of the same age. Quad pushchair is safe since it has lockable front swivel wheels. Quad pushchair is not really heavy for this type with approximately 22 kgs.


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