When will Your Baby Ready to Play?

One comment I ever received was concerning about a baby who just played one toy in a short time then ‘jumped’ to another toy and leaved the others regardless of the fact that those toys were attractive. As a result, his parents only gave one or two toys to play each day. Here I want to share my opinion on this matter.

Every child has his own interest and skill. Young babies, for about four months old, are able to reach out and explore toys using their hands and they begin to grasp, shake and bang their toys. In order to accommodate their abilities, you can give your baby some toys, such as soft-squeezable dolls, rubber rings and rattles with handles which are easily to reach and hold. Besides, you need to pay attention on his safety since anytime he can put it in his mouth.

Babies face difficulties in playing some complicated toys to play, for example a toy with button to press. It causes him lack of interest on such a toy. So it is understandable that he will refuse to play a pop-up toy for example. What he wants now is something he can easily grasp and chew.

Another fact is that every child has different ways in taking information and giving a respond. For instance, there are three babies given the same toys. The first baby will be excited to coo at it, look at and follow it, and move his legs and arms as well. The second one may just look at it not more than 10 seconds before looking at something else around him. The last one may not interested at all and just spend a second to look at it. Seen from the function of the toy for these babies, the same toy does not help the same way to each baby. In conclusion, you can discover your baby’s preference and interest by offering him several toys which are appropriate for his age and waiting for his reaction toward them.

The most important thing of all is that although your baby may not interest in his toys at this moment, he shows his interest in other things or people he meets. Don’t worry since your baby will find a right time to play with his toys. What you can do right now is you can help him explore a lot of things through his five senses. He can look at anything; touch any object with different textures to feel; listen to any kind of music; smell with his nose; taste his food or something new, and try to say a word; and moving his arms and legs to show his excitement.

Source: http://www.todler-gift.blogspot.com/