For toddlers who are active to learn walking, wooden push toys are crucial to possess and so are wooden pull toys. Wooden push and pull toys are accommodating for keeping the balance and will keep the toddlers focused as they are learning to walk. These wooden toys are able to stimulate toddlers to keep walking continuously! A little wooden wagon is also perfect for toddlers. It will assist a toddler to learn to walk while pulling something behind. Besides, this wagon can help the toddler learn to navigate turns while walking and pulling a toy. Giving such toy to the toddler, you will notice that he will enjoy putting all his little "goodies" in a wooden wagon and then proudly walking around pulling his little wooden wagon.

I suggest you to consider a wooden doll crib, a wooden kitchen set or a wooden dollhouse for little girls. Surely, the majority of little girls will love these wooden toys. On the other hand, you can choose wooden building construction set for little boys. Many little boys love to pretend that they are building things. These toys will effectively develop imagination and creativity of your toddlers.
A wooden stacking toy is also a wonderful toy for toddlers. It can develop your toddler’s coordination of hand and eye through its bright colors. Two examples of such toys are hamburger and sandwich wooden stacking toys, and the best news for you is, these toys are so well-liked yet the best among other wooden stacking toys. Even I, as an adult, enjoy these good old fashioned wooden stacking toys.