Playgrounds for Toddlers for Great Outdoor Play

Great outdoor play gives toddler chance to have physical exercise, an active role during their formative years. You can encourage your toddler's activity with providing some playgrounds equipments for toddlers. Those playgrounds can be climbing net, swing set, slides, playhouse, bouncer and many more. I have collected six playgrounds by Little Tikes, Step 2, Bounceland and Swing-N-Slide.
Below are some playgrounds for toddlers for a great outdoor play:

1. Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground
Price: $499.99

Product Description
Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground makes going to the park almost obsolete! It's both a playhouse climber with an easy-opening door and a challenging climber with a crawl-through tunnel. One extra-long slide and one gentle slope slide allow older and younger children to play together. The Backyard Naturals colors are fun for kids yet still blend in well with the backyard setting. It is suitable for 2-8 year old.

Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground is good for little climbers and it brings pure fun for hours and hours. The tunnel will make your toddler go back and forth through it. The best of all, the playground can be disassembled and rebuilt into eight different configurations whenever the current setup loses its charm.

2. Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber
Price: $599.00

Product Description
This Bridge and Tunnel Clubhouse Climber is a complete, off-the-ground playhouse with climbing, sliding and hide 'n seek fun. The playhouse features a skylight, drop-leaf table, two stools, message board, clock with movable hands and an electronic phone. It also features a climbing ladder with hand and foot holes and sure grip handrails to assist young climbers. Bridge connects to look-out tower with rotating steering wheel, telescope and climbing ladder. There's even a hide-out area underneath with a crawl-through tunnel. Adult assembly required. Measures 70"H x 123"W x 58.75"D. It is suitable for 2-6 year old.

This Bridge and Tunnel Clubhouse Climber is very durable and withstood all types of harsh weather, as well as older children and their weight from time to time. The clubhouse has table, little bar stools, a memo board, captain's wheel, lookout scope and a "working" cell phone. Those add toddler's fun instead of only playing slide which is fast but fun. There is a review about the bottom tunnel and the area to climb up getting filled with water after it rains. To solve this problem, one suggest to drill 1/4" weep holes in the foot holes, and then drilling some at the bottom so that the water goes into the plastic ladder and then weeps out the holes in the bottom. You need 45-60 minutes to assemble it.

3. Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready-to Assemble Swing Set Kit
Price: $885.74

Product Description
This Chesapeake playground system construction kit produced by Swing-N-Slide comes with all the pieces and instructions you need for fast assembly, poly-coated lumber included. An 8ft high wave slide, climbing rocks, and two belted swings and one disc swing will provide countless hours of playground fun for your kids. This playset also includes twenty-four sq. feet of deck space with a shaded canopy for when it gets too hot out. Fully-illustrated plans and a DVD with installation tips come with every playground kit, to make setup even easier. It is suitable for 3-10 year old.

To help you setup Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready-to Assemble Swing Set Kit, there are fully-illustrated plans and a DVD with installation tips. However, one reviewer says that it took 3 days for his three carpenters to do so.

4. Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town
Price: $279.66

Product Description
This playhouse has so many different themes to play with that your kids will have years of interesting role play to try out. With an "around the town" theme, four different themes play themselves out on the four different walls of the playhouse, and even those can be flexible! The interior walls have even more details in molded plastic, including a kitchenette, workshop and bank. Seven game ideas are included for the "sports" theme wall. Measures 55"L x 48.8"W x 58"H when complete. Adult supervision required. It is suitable for 3-6 year old.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town provides toddlers a chance to have interactive role play as well as develop social relationship with peers. There are four different themes with different shapes/objects molded into the walls. One side is a grocery store wall with a pretend ATM/bank, too, one side is a gas station with gas pumper and crawl through tire tunnel, one side is a sports wall which comes with a basketball hoop, soccer net, 4 targets and a sports ball (what a deal!) and the last wall is a schoolhouse/firehouse wall! Your toddler can pretend to play sport one minute and then move to the other side of the playhouse pretending that he plays school and so on and so forth. To make it more attractive and real, you can paint some of the objects on the walls yourself.

5. Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse
Price: $349.99

Product Description
Little Tikes Picnic 'n Play Playhouse, a playhouse and climber combo, can be set up in several configurations to keep the play exciting! Monkey around or take a seat and enjoy a quick snack. The table can fold down for lunch inside the playhouse or out on the patio. The Picnic 'n Play Playhouse features a working Dutch door and light, climbing wall, and slide. In addition, it is easy to assemble. It is suitable for 18 month - 5 year old.

Little Tikes Picnic 'n Play Playhouse has a slide and table. Your little toddler will enjoy going in and out of the door, playing with the phone and climbing up the "wall". One reviewer says that it took her hours to put together and the climb up is not installed properly.

6. Castle Inflatable Bounce House w/ Slide
Price: $215.00

Product Description
This high quality bounce house, Castle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide, is shaped like a castle in great primary colors. It includes the blower motor and it has a slide for the kids. There is a velcro opening on one side for entry. Rated for 200 pounds.

Castle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide was easy to inflate, deflate, pack it away, lift and carry. The castle was a huge hit and two or three kids can play hard on it all day long without any damage. There is no mentioned ages for this toy. However, from review you can find that it has been used by 18 month - 9 year old. One thing you need to put attention is that the fan which inflates the bounce house is attached to a "hose" that needs several feet behind the bounce house to inflate and is supposed to be kept straight.